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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
Intern Bunny
Just a little pic of our intern bunny, even though I decided to keep this one as a Blanc de Hotot ^v^ As I'm addicted with Zootopia once again. -v-;

I'm sorry that I seem a bit less productive than usual, school has been quite busy lately, and it's only getting busier.
Anyway, I didn't make enough details of the "intern" in the world of Underground, the concept of it was actually created by me and :iconruinlin:(my classmate), since it's rare to see the people who enjoys Undertale(EVEN aware of it) in Taiwan, we actually shared a lot of sketches with each other.

As for why I'm addicted with Zootopia once again even though I haven't watch it for a long while, I watched the deleted scene of Zootopia, and it, like I said a long time ago, is dark and depressing. I watched more scenes only to see how discriminated predators are in the world of Zootopia, and a little more original backstory of Nick Wilde. It's... Quite sad, I must say.
And the reason of why I drew this pic, is because I really do enjoy the world of Zootopia. =v= And I liked the idea of insert myself into the world of it(not the story, just the world of it).

Anyway, I hope you all like it! ^v^

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