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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
Evergreen - Moving day
Where Judy finds a piece of Nick's past.
Also cause living under a bridge isn't as much fun as it first seemed.

Whew, this is probably the largest picture I've ever made, make sure to hit the download button so you see all the details ;)

This is an illustration for Chapter 8 of a fan story called Evergreen. , MAKE SURE TO READ IT TO GET THE FULL CONTEXT before you start asking questions!

The cover: <<<<
Next Evergreen picture: >>>>
(click blue arrows to navigate)

The ending of Zootopia had left us a lot of unanswered questions. So until the official sequel comes out, most of those questions are going to be tackled by a very talented writer Aninat in his story Evergreen.
If you are curious about what happened in the long months between the museum encounter and Nick's graduation (um.. spoilers?), then this is a story you should read.

Neither me or Aninat own Zootopia and/or its characters. All belongs to Disney.

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