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Sunderance - Chapter 1
See the comic by TheWyvernsWeaver HERE
Chapter 2, coming soon...

Sunderance: Chapter 2
    It should not have surprised her that the train was abandoned for her trip into the city, but it certainly did nothing to calm her nerves. It had been easier to arrange to have herself delivered into a city that was hostile for a cause, with the conviction of her belief and goals strong in her heart, than it was to follow the darkly dressed fox. Her convictions had solid ground, certainty, and her years of study to support her and make her feel stable. This fox, this Red Fox, that she walked a few steps behind as he made his way towards the observation deck was an unknown.
    I can protect you.
    There was no mistaking the voice. There was no mistaking the professional, masculine tone which had assured her even in a single phone call that the speaker fully believed that he could protect her. She certainly had not expected her protector to be another bunny, but she had expecte
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Prologue: A Key to The City
    “Miss Hopps! Miss Hopps!” came the sound of yet another annoying reporter, and as it was with many things in the real world, the one with the loudest voice was the one that got the most attention. And tiny white and gray finger pointed at the bear, a fluffy bunny face with high set ears nodded in his direction, and the question came. “Do you really intend to take this battle to Zootopia?”
    “I do,” came a much more agreeably feminine, if naïve, voice. Such a stern tone. So sure of her righteousness and dedicated to the ‘cause.’ Seeing her on TV, the way the camera zoomed in on her face to make her look larger than she actually was, some poor fools might even believe her. “I have received permission from the Administration to bring my case before higher courts within the city. I have even been given office space, so I can move through with any legal battles that are to follow.”
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