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Amethyst Tears (Debts Unpaid - A Zootopia Story)
The Story 'Depts Unpaid - A Zootopia Story' is written by Magick205 

After I read the last chapter of this story I was devastated and started IMMEADIATELY to draw this. Everyone who is open to Zootopia fanfic and also open to some elements that may seem unfitting should consider to read it. The story contains 19 chapters so It'll take some time to get through the hole plot but maybe you should give it a try - and a chance.

Like I've said - it IS different in some ways and it may not be your thing in general like it was for me, but in the end I was devastated and this feeling still lasts. Besides, I've never done a fanfic fanart so far, let alone that spontanieous and quick.

Debts Unpaid - A Zootopia StoryOK, this is my first foray in to trying to write something for the Zootopia Fandom. As always, all rights are reserved to the original writers and Disney. This is just my humble addition to an amazing world they've helped create. And HyenaTig, thanks for getting me started on this.
Signs and Portents
The dream was back; much stronger and clearer this time. Rather than trying to guide it, she rode with it in that twilight realm of shadow, the space between the awareness of the world and the abyss of sleep. As before she found she was seated on the floor at the small fold out table in her main living room. A scented candle flickering softly giving both light and depth to the scene as she sat on the big black cushion. The scent of yarrow and rose filling the room in the theater of her mind. The paws laying out the cards were hers, and yet not. The forearms hairless and tanned, going down into paws with five long fingers rather than her four. The nails, long and clear much unlike

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