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Seth's life: Public and Private
"Ever since I became a big name in arts in both Zootopia and in the human world, I swiftly adapted into the art dealing world by creating my personal of a dashing fox whose confidence is like nothing seen in the world.

I made sure no one has seen the real me, the one from the small town of Bunnyburrow, whose love life was shatter by a girl whose name I've tried to forget, even when her sister is sometimes in the same room as I am. I've tried to date other women. All of them good, but Jackie still burns in my heart as if she was perfect in many ways. On nights that I do think of her, I can't get any sleep, because I wish for her to come back to me.

One night in particular was especially heartbreaking. I was talking to some art patrons about my work when a reporter, who may have lived in BunnyBurrow and went to the same high school as Jackie and I did, asked if I remember the former. Not to destroy my image, I swiftly denied ever seeing her, despite the look of disbelief on the reporter and shock look on Judy Hopps's face.

After all was said and done, and I was back in my home, I got a surprise visit from Judy. 'Can we talk about something?' I let her in, as I was preparing for bed when she came over. 'Seth? What's wrong with you?' She asked as if there was a reason for concern. 'You've always been my friend, and it hurts to see you deny everything about your past, including me and Jackie. I want to know why you're doing this, because I deserve to know right now.'

I hesitate, but then I answer 'The Seth you know was killed by a freight train. The Seth you see here is not the same one you've known in high school.' Judy showed a sign of disgust, got up, and started to leave when I said 'Jackie's the reason I'm doing this, because I don't want to have a broken heart to be seen while I work.' She opened the door, but turned toward me and said 'I want the old Seth back. If you see him, tell him that everybody misses him, including me' before exiting my home, weeping.

In bed, I wept as if there was no tomorrow because of my encounter with Judy, and everything that has happened so far leading up to that moment. I want to live a happy life without Jackie, but I can't deny her or our lives in BunnyBurrows because how nice it was, and how she was like a sister to me. I wanted her back, but some wishes will never come true.

The next morning, I went to work on a commission for City Hall. As I prepare the large canvas, a voice behind me said 'Is this what a makes a great artist? A broken heart?' I turned to see Officer Nick Wilde, Judy's partner (and boyfriend I presume). 'Look, Carrots told me what happened and I think should have a say in this. You can't deny your past no matter how painful it was. You must admit it someday or else it can kill you. Trust me, I lived a broken heart once, but that's changed I'm happy. Maybe after you get this work done for the day, you could spend time with me. It's best if we get to know one another so we can solve your problem.' I nodded, shook his hand, and got his cell number in case I needed to text him, but after he left, I sat on my work floor and thought about the events that are about to unfold because of this deal. Will it work or will it fail? Doesn't matter, I must get back to work. The City's going to pay big for this masterpiece.'

I finally got around a make the first part of my story about Seth Savage:… and :icongrummancat:'s Jackie Hopps, starting with this:…

I have to admit this was very epic for me to create, so I hope you guys like me story. Anyhow...

If you like this, please comment and fave it.

Hope you'll like it, my friends!!!Judy - Icon Judy and Nick - Icon Nick - Icon Nick (Deal with it!) - Icon 

(In the story):
Judy Hopps and other Zootopia characters©Walt Disney Animation Studios. 2016
Jackie Hopps@:icongrummancat: 
Seth and Art©:iconkendallcollins:


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