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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
Zootopia Art :Finnick is Confused
The time when Nick made fun of Finnick with Augie. Nick called Augie to come to his house before Finnick came home, When Finnick got home, he got confused because he saw double Nick at the same room. Nick just laughed out loud when he saw Finnick's confused face.. Well, Nick and Augie looks alike although their age was way so different. At the moment Nick is 32 and Augie is 21 years old. I think Finnick couldn't see their difference until he realized the blue fur on Augie's ears and tail. He just knew Nick wouldn't dye his fur.. Sweating a little... 

So, there's another old art that contains Augie, my original character. I hope you guys like the drawing and obviously, the drawing is already on my Instagram account way long time ago. But if you wanna check my Instagram account, here you go…

Enjoy the drawing and have a nice day..!! furious wave 

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