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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
Childhood Memories : Page 5

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(Read top speech bubble first)


Ever wonder what was Nick’s backstory before he met Judy? What were his parents like? Where’s his dad? What got him into the con-fox business when he was 12? Lets find out…

Guess what, after a few request on wanting me to continue this story…. I did itLa la la la  , and I kinda have some ideas now for a whole plot lined up for this, hopefully I would be able to finish it. (really, I’ve never made a long comic before! Oh Noes! ). I reference a lot from deleted scenes, ideas from the directors that never made it to the final film and some other things that I think its suitable haha!I am a dummy!   I don’t plan on having any tame collars involved (and I really hope I don't need to) 

important note:  Please pardon my english, it may not be as good or sound professional enough as it is my second language, plus I’m still learning.Sweating a little... 

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