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The Collar (With Story)


Nick was a prison escapee. Judy was a police officer who was told to chase him. Her chase was ended when both of them fell into a waterfall. Nick saved fainte Judy as they reach the river which was near to BunnyBorrow. Nick held Judy on his arm as he walk through the village. Soon, he fainted on the side of the road, exhausted.

When Nick awakes, he was in a room surrounded by bunnies. He was shocked but keep himself calm with the situation. He asked bunch of questions about what happened before. Judy's family explained that they found both of them lying on the ground and took them to their home.

They were quite surprised with Nick's friendly attitude. They thought he would be rude and savage when he awakes. Judy who rised earlier had explained to her family that Nick saved her life from the waterfall which made Judy's family decided to take care of Nick, so that he had a place to stay for a while.

While staying in BunnyBurrow, Judy tried to know Nick better. After their relationship gets along, she softly asked about why he were in jail at the first place, why he encouraged the predator's wild side and some other questions. Nick explained that predators were not as bad as everybody thought. He said that predators could control their own behavior just like preys. He also told her about the discrimination that he and other predators got because of the paradigms and the collar that they had to use. Judy was moved by what Nick said.

"You wouldn't believe me anyway," Nick said turned his body. 
Sat next to Nick, "I believe you, Nick. And I'm sorry for everything you've had."
Nick said indifferently, "Really?"
"You proved to me and my family that you're not as bad as we think before."-looked at Nick's Collar-"is that hurt?"
Glanced to Judy, "Not really. I'm used to it." Judy knew deep down, the collar must be hurts to wear. She realized that she had been lived in a mindset to put a wide gap between preys and predators in such a modern civilization. Then, she decided to help Nick to wipe out the mindset and make things better although it's not easy. "Nick, I will go on your side. Hold on." She left Nick for a while and back with a cutting pliers.

Nick asked, "How about your career?"
Stood behind Nick, "That's alright. Besides I'm also looking for the truth behind the collars. But it's still a mystery."-took a deep breath-"let me take it off..."

Judy couldn't hold her tears. To be honest, the collar was quite hard to cut until.. "TACK.."
Nick's eyes wide opened. His body weakened and fell backwards as the collar fell to the ground. His eyes were closed. Judy could see a tear from his eye. Nick never felt so happy.
"Feels so great.." 

Judy wiped her tears and hold Nick's hand, "Let's do this together. Let's solve the mystery and prove them that they're wrong."
"Thank you, for believing me." 
The End
(Live it up in your heart.)

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