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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
What It's Like to Buy and Play No Man's Sky
Disclaimer- The art shown here is a re-draw I did of Cory Loftis original concept art for Judy Hopps at Disney. I just thought the expression was perfect for this so I re-drew it. Also, this is not to deter anyone if you enjoy or are planning to buy No Man's Sky. This is just my opinion. You have been warned if you buy it however......

Well, takes about 5 hours till you pretty much seen it all for 60 dollars..... No multiplayer, so you can't hang with friends. Planets become apparent they they are generally asset recolors with there plant life and rocks. Only thing that is still random really is the planets land mass formation and the creatures. Heck, even some of the creatures start looking the same. Space battles are a joke. Only 3 sentient alien species. Space stations are very lifeless. Conversations are stupid and not really enjoyable. F****** Sentinels everywhere that shoot you for the crime of mining a rock. Generic gun play. Very lacking and overpriced. Why Gabe did you let me buy this off Steam. (The irony is that I'm working on a space picture.)

Derp Hank (Negative) Dammit Bobby.

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