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The Students of St Zoo 2
Hi you guys! Here's the next character sheet featuring the characters of :iconsecretsister16: wonderful fan-fiction, which puts our favorite characters from Zootopia in a high school centered AU, which you can read here:…;

Below is the character's bios, written by the author herself :)


Full Name: Nick Piberius Wilde

Species: Red Fox
Age: 17
Occupation: Mischief Maker
Likes: Cons, blueberries, friends & family, Judy, the junior ranger scouts 
Dislikes: Distrust, commitment, Finnick's sense of humor, Honey's "loving hugs", sappy couples
History: Nick was a shy and sweet kit until his father abandoned his family, which led to Nick becoming cynical about life in general. The last thing he expected was a bunny to bring out the ranger scout he had long buried.

Full Name: Judy Laverne Hopps
Species: Rabbit
Age: 15
Occupation: Aspiring Freshman
Likes: Carrots, Gazelle's music, Clawhauser & Fru Fru, Nick, strong morals, family
Dislikes: Rude mammals, poor grades, Nick's cynicism 
History: Judy, wanting to be more than a carrot farmer, moves to Zootopia to become a student of St. Zoo and find a respectable career. 

Full Name: Richard Lazarus Wilde
Species: Red Fox
Age: 18
Occupation: Straight A Senior
Likes: his family, Judy Hopps, May Swinton, anatomy, medicine, Franklin Bearstain's novels
Dislikes: Nick's antics, irresponsibility, stereotypes 
History: Nick's older brother who is studying to be a doctor.

Full Name: Honey Sweetiepie Madge
Species: Honey Badger
Age: 17
Occupation: Conspiracy Theorist
Likes: Aliens, history, myths, theories, honey, friends, special 'brownies', Winter (secretly)
Dislikes: Dresses or anything feminine on her. Her friends' bad choices
History: Her mother died in childbirth so she was raised by her former biker father. He wants her to be lady-like.

Full Name: Finnick Lister King
Species: Fennec Fox
Age: 18
Occupation: Grumpy senior
Likes: his van, cons, his friends (against his better judgment)
Dislikes: most things but mainly disrespect to his van.
History: Finnick's home life is surprisingly average. Loving parents and decent home. He met Nick while working on a project with Rick.


-I've discovered that foxes are really difficult to draw, mostly because of the snouts. I mean, it's too easy to make them look too much like dogs or wolfs.
-Cause I didn't want to risk more copyright infringement than necessary, I invented a new soda for Judy to hold. I call it Whizz Soda, which is low on calories and contains actual juice from actual fruits. 
-Honey's design is largely based off existing concept-art, though I gave her little easter-egg; on her left arm she wears several different hairbands, which was inspired by my own habit of collecting dropped hairbands and putting them on my arm when I worked as a groundskeeper last summer (though I didn't keep them, if you thought that). 


PART 1                            PART 3
The Students of St Zoo by JackOrJohn The Students of St Zoo 3 by JackOrJohn


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