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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
TWHC XII: Resurfaced 4
(Aaaarrrgh, no posting my stuff without my PERMISSION!!!)

<--  Cover  -->

Man, I really wish it did't take me so damn long to do each page!  What ends up happening, is that I will submit a page, and then procrastinate for a few days before starting the next one.  Not good.  This page only took me two nights to finish believe it or not, but it's the six previous days of procrastination that gets me!  

I feel like my progress is too slow, and the story isn't getting out fast enough.  Sometimes I wish I had an artist partner who I could pass the torch to draw one page while I start creating the one after.  That way, the submissions would speed up!  Oh well, there is only one me, who can only do this comic on my free time in between work shifts.  Speaking of time, it's freaking 5:00 AM!!!  I've literally been up all night finishing this page and submitting it; I was even too excited that I forgot to write my signature in the bottom panel, so I had to type it in with the computer.

I NEED TO SLEEP NOW, good night! 

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