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This Anime or game is not mine it's belongs to Playism
i made this Fanfic just to read and have fun.
Thank you, and Please Enjoy :D

It's been a long time, like over a month me and Zack already get out from the hostipal...but he didn't killed me why, why did Zack didn't killed me he gave me his word and sweard to God that he would killed me.


* Hey!...what are you staring at ?*




*Come we have to walk further away from this shit-hole *


(As we begun to walk further and further away, when i looked back i only saw nothing but tress around...i just feel a little tired.)


( Something is wrong with her )

(When i turned around i saw that see really barley walking and almost falling to the ground she must be tired god dammit.)

* Come here *

- Zack pick's up Rachel on his Back -

* Zack why are you doing this ? *

* Shut Up, you fucking slowing as down...take a rest and go to fucking sleep okey ? *

* Alright... Thanks *

*JUST...take some sleep okey *

( She need some rest, i need find something to eat and drink )

Few Hours Paset

* Uh ? *

-As snow begun to fell from the sky not that strong but soon gonna be snow storm

* For fuck sake, ok... Hey. HEY!!! *


* Mhh ? how long i sleeped ? *

* Long enough, here take this or you're gonna get cold idiot *

-Zack gives Rachel his sweater to cover her from snow

* Why are you giving me your sweater, you need this more that me. *

Zack hits Racher on the head

* Ow *

* IDIOT, just do what i say okey or i'm not gonna kill you if you gonna do that shit. *

* By the way why won't you kill m- *

-Zack again hits Rachel on the Head

*FOR FUCK SAKE,Stop okey i will kill you when i want, and by the way why the fuck you want to die so badly ? *

-Zack saw in distended end of forest

* because i'm all alone, my parents are dead *

-Zack immediately stops and standing in one place


( NO   FUCKING    WAY... she's just