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After the Rain

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My Bio
Just your average nerd woman with an itchy pencil.

I draw a lot very quickly and with just the minimal amount of effort required, especially when it comes to fanart. That way I can delude myself that I could totally make awesome detailed drawings if I just wanted to.

Currently in an intense Doctor Who phase, but I also have other things in my gallery though they tend to gather dust a bit.

When people ask me if I would like to draw professionally, I say "YES but..." The but means: I know it's really difficult, I'm not sure I'm good enough, and I'm terrible at self-promoting, which is like 90% of the job.
In real life I pretend to be a serious teacher though my students are probably the more level-headed and mentally older ones...

In case you're interested, 'Alda' is made of the first letters of my first and last names, and 'Rana' is Latin for frog, no relation to the pasta brand. Or the fact that I'm French, though it's a nice coincidence. Also coincidentally, both 'alda' and 'rana' are Quenya words, meaning tree and moon, that correspond to a letter in one of the tengwar modes. In case you're interested. Sorry.

If you like my art and fanart I recommend you follow me at ; there's a lot of stuff there that doesn't make it to this page.

Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett, obviously
Favourite Games
Myst series, Little Big Adventure 2 (my childhood!)
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC. Never had a console growing up. I wasn't raised right.
Tools of the Trade
Mainly Photoshop, it's less messy
Other Interests
Languages and stuff. Also food.



You can now buy the first four Magical Creatures Cards from the Purky Shop! For now, you can choose between the Mermaid, the Centaur, the Aevine and the Elf Don Quijote, but I'm hoping to have more available soon, so watch this space. In the meantime, buy my cards, they're totally great, they come with envelopes and everything so you can write to your magical-creature-loving friends!      

And now on Facebook!

And now on Facebook!

After my brand new and really awesome and pretty website at , you can now officially follow me on Facebook if you're so inclined, at You'll get exclusive pictures, news concerning my budding commercial endeavours (cards!!), probable bad jokes, and the like. No one can say I'm not taking this seriously :p (The next step is probably to get on twitter - I have an account in theory but I gave up on using it after a few fays. I'm MUCH too wordy) (but just in case - I'm not the Aldarana ( on twitter. It was already taken. Mine is @AldaGrenouille (and I had to go and check the

New website!

New website!

Well, it's the same website as before, but with a brand new design and, maybe more importantly, now it works. (That's a perk.) This time I was less ambitious and limited the code-wrangling to a minimum; almost all of it was done by Wordpress and their cohorts of clever plugin makers. So hopefully this time I won't get hacked every five minutes by bored Malaysians*. Anyway, here it is: (I kept my old domain name even though it's probably not the most intuitive - 'à mi-chemin' means 'halfway' in French. It comes from the Land Halfway that featured in several of my old stories; I wish I could say I'm halfway to

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Happy Birthday! :D
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Happy Birthday! :D
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