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May I ask why someone has requested Adopt: OC ota be added to the group?
I purchased that OC and am putting my characters into a folder of this group because I own the group :) 
I am aware you purchased it, it's probably best to give warning before asking to submit things though lol. Especially when it's a canine-monster and the group says it's about humans and horses XD
I did name the folder "Ruanly's Adopt Collection" so people would have context about why I was adding it, but duly noted, sorry.
Hi! What's this group about because i only found out because someone from this group is asking me permission to feature some old adoptables i made 1 or 2 years ago
Hello, that'd be me :) I am adding the characters I own to a folder in this group and I own this group, so the adopts would be ones I added because I purchased them from you a while ago ^^
OOOOOOOHHHHHH, i actually forgot about that!!! i kinda said no to the addition, so you can send another request if you want. It just kinda caught me off-guard because no one's looked at that one in so long, so i thought somebody random was asking for my permission to feature my work in some rp group