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ATLA Dragon - Silverwing

Download plz!

Silverwing (dragon of the storms) from my Avatar Fanfiction.
In truth Silverwing is not a dragon. It's just a glider.
But the villager think it's a dragon.
I draw their imagination.

And yeah it/she/he has airbender symbols! xD
Looks good on the dragon.

I love it to draw sketches. Is fun!

Dragon and Art (c) me
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I love how Avatar mixes together European (fire breathing and wings) and Asian (canine appearance and whiskers) dragons.
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Yeah that's right! I like the design of this dragons very much :)
DragonKingDCL's avatar
I love that dragon.
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dude your dragons are amazing! I love the sketchy style (thats how I like to draw) only I wish I could colour that good, and draw dragons and actually design dragons good :P
Alcira's avatar
LozzaWaterBender's avatar
lol my pleasure, for some reason I like to look at other peoples awesome dragons and try draw a dragon and fail
ShUBolt's avatar
Wooah!!!!! *__*
Cool!!! <3
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Thank you! <3
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Ich liebe deine Silberschwinge :3
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this is awesome! do you have any written stories about silverwing?
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Thank you very much and yes, I have, but it's in german :/
radiantsilverfire's avatar
ohhhh, well at least i can look at your pics XD
keep up the awesome art!
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:glomp: thankys again <3
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It's a very cool dragon design. The airbender symbols do look good and I also like the scales on the dragon. Nice job
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Thank you <3
InkScaled's avatar
Really nice looking picture... :-)
kxeron's avatar
Ah, he's a beauty. I like his design very much: from his anatomy to colour's scheme. Great job with it's feets!
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