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Sunrise of humanity: Mercury sphere.
Sunrise of humanity: Mercury sphere.
The Mercury sphere describes the area between the sun and Mercury as well as its surrounding space and halfway between Mercury and Venus. Due to its proximity to the sun there are very few surviving man-made structures in this area however there is still remnants of humanity.
The solar swarm debris field: this area is located very close to the sun however there are other search fields further away. This is a catchall term to describe the satellites and other platforms that surround the sun and surrounding areas that were used to some form of solar harvesting. Old records to show that at one point a large swarm of energy harvesting satellites and stations were placed around the sun however the collapse of the golden era saw an end to all solar harvesting. The several millennia of conflict instruction saw many of the satellite simply damage to states to be and many falling too close to the sun to be disintegrated. However, others remain operational an
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The iron pillars opinions on women by Alchetbeachfan The iron pillars opinions on women :iconalchetbeachfan:Alchetbeachfan 3 3 Tribute to the Pahlavi dynasty by Alchetbeachfan Tribute to the Pahlavi dynasty :iconalchetbeachfan:Alchetbeachfan 16 13
SOH: Mercury
Mercury the first planet in the solar system is one of the more hostile environments. Despite being performed and protected by a large energy shield one side of the planet the days on the bright side of the planet can still reach excessive temperatures in places meaning that large portions of mercury a desert. Mercury was originally home to several cities that cover the surface. Hidden under the remains of massive solar panels that stretch as far as 10 km wide many cities are now decrepit and broken and now act as tribal slums with gang fighting over the barest of resources. Many of these people barely get by thanks the remaining unbroken water filtration systems and supply dumps as well as occasional trade form of outsiders. However, life for everyone in the cities is hard and most wish to get out as soon as they have the chance. Many sign themselves off into slavery   solely to get out of the hellhole they live in. However, not all life on mercury is as barren. On the opposite s
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The sunrise of humanity
The Solar system in the year of 3345 AC (after collapse)
The solar system at this time is much different from the one you and I know. Most of the major planets and moons have been colonised and terraformed, gargantuan space stations can be found across the solar system. Small shield moons can be discovered throughout the solar system. Large pieces of hollowed out rock create country-sized perpetually moving spaceships that travel around the solar system large enough to host small tribes and community contained in a personal air bubble. Large Dyson trees create pockets of air in the cold vacuum of space on to entirely strange and varied ecosystems of creatures. The great gas giant of Jupiter hosts large continent-sized land masses that float like balloons through gassy storms. However despite all of the great achievements on display this is not the pinnacle of humanity in actuality far from it, humanity has long since fallen from grace. It is believed to be over almost three thousand ye
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The Awesome Autocrat
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm the Awesome Autocrat and I am 19 and from the united kingdom. I'm in my own words Pan-Monarchist/Anglican Protestant/Absolutist/British Nationalist/pro-Brexit, who dreams of the return of more power to the monarch. However, I believe we are all equal in rights but not in our skill and believe in some aspects of the Welfare state e.g the NHS. I am also Dyslexic and have dyscalculia and I love History. apart from that enjoy my little corner of the Internet!!!

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my mottos and words we live by
Ad vincere vetus et novum (The old shall conquer the new)
Dux Deus est (God is my guide)
To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice. The Bible: Proverbs 21:3
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British English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy German language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
This I will be back but I think I had a little bit of an emotional breakdown and I don't feel spending a lot of time on the Internet is helpful for me emotionally and physically and mentally or for my education. I'll be back in a week or so but until then I'll be off-line. See you then

Sincerely the awesome autocrat


United Empire of Barrkara
The United Empire of Barrkara is a recent addition to the galactic scene in the solar system. Only rising within the past 100 odd years this young empire is however built on many more centuries of culture and tradition. The first major societies appeared in the Confederation of the Four. An alliance between the partially spacefaring moons of Jupiter. Despite this it widely regarded now in the solasphere that the Confederation was one of the first post-collapse societies to gain spaceflight and one is one of the first alliances of its kind. This Confederation of mostly independent warlords blossomed and started reaching out across the Jupiter sphere. This was not the only society there. During the golden age large asteroid belts are moulded together and turned into a large floating continent-sized floating islands held aloft by dark matter which contained forests of trees and even oceans. There were four of these landmasses each combined creates surface area 20 times larger than the Earth. That's not to also mention the hundreds of floating cities, platforms and smaller islands that make up this gas giant. 

On this gas giant their lives several different species. There are the pygmies of course or as referred to in the outer sphere as 'humans' but also the much bulkier Jutari. These usually larger and more bulkier sapiens live on the lower sections of the large islands where the gravity is heavier meaning they cannot leave these areas without highs drink pressure suits otherwise they will implode. These suits became a major cultural icon and no suit is like another each with its own markings and identification to share personality and became true signs of individuality, this cultural trend then even moved to the normal sapiens that lived in the earthlike zones. 

After centuries of feudal infighting between the floating princes the discovery of the great library of Zephyr which is located within the red dot of the planet brought in a golden age of knowledge and understanding of the past. It wasn't long until all of Jupiter as the library revealed was United under the library's discoverer. Anita Thoris wants a petty slave girl managed to free herself from her captors during a bad storm helped lead the unification of the whole giant world and helped establish the philoocacy of Zephyr. The state was an oligarchy led by philosophers who were chosen by a council of  citizens who would choose the wisest out of their region that would meet in a great council in the great library. Soon Zephyr would make an alliance with the Confederation and traded in knowledge and educated young scientists from the 4 moons in exchange for technology in the form of transport and weapons.

Due to the varied variety of climates across Jupiter and its many moons and stations led to a wider variety of other sapiens. Several species of amphibious peoples emerged on Europa and the waterborne mermen created underwater cities and created spaceships out of the hollowed out remains of gigantic arthropods the largest of which could reach a kilometre in length whilst on io the people there developed solid skin and hearty lungs to maintain a society on a sulphur rich planet needing breathing masks for normal air. This goes without mentioning the many peoples that emerged and cultures. The jeznu, Jakari, zephyrs and importantly the Barrkara.

The fall of the alliance came suddenly. The Giants and Titans of the Dominion of Sojern appeared without warning. There brute strength and numbers easily surpassed that of both military's and soon much of of Jupiter and its moons were conquered. The great library once with all its books stolen was destroyed and fell into the great spot of Zephyr. Soon the planet had been divided. Many of the indigenous peoples were outright enslaved and turned into servants for the new giant Masters however due to the distance between Earth and Jupiter they had to give much autonomy to the planet. That of Tony of course remains with the giant Masters. For hundreds of years the peoples of the world. Viewed by force migration genocide and brutality. The Barrkara suffered the most. Once being a proud people known for their hunting ability and could be discerned from the natural tattoos that will grow their body that would illuminate different colours depending on their emotions were usually found on the continent of Argma in the more rural and mountainous regions where there chieftain villages and mountain fortresses could be found. They were used mainly as Warriors slaves or if they gained a more respectable place on the slave hierarchy as enforcers this did not earn them much respect from their fellow peoples. Who would already look down on them before due to their perceived mysterious ways and belief in the strained serpent god that they believe created their planet Bakarra which is where their name derives from. whilst they were originally protected by their old philoocacy laws they were now forced to fend for themselves against the other peoples who lived in the "autonomous slave provinces."

Even when the Dominion finally collapsed due to infighting and the remaining giants fled to holdouts on the planet the rest of the system returned to a warlord -like state. Easy pickings for the vagara. The Vega horde originating from planets known as Neptune and Uranus were looking for new lands to fight and conquer and the nomadics quickly settled themselves creating many kingdoms. Unlike their previous Masters they looked on different people's with varying opinions. They were able to get on the good sides of many of the local people's however one way of doing this was a oppressing the despised Barrkara and the strong Jutari, who was seen as nothing more but beasts of burden. For another century discontinued until finally he appeared. Crestor the Ultimate was originally a Barrkara Pit fighter who inspired by the legends of Anita Thoris led a slave revolt and killed his master. His word inspired others and soon after fleeing from the encroaching army was able to free and gather more and more Barrkara and Jutari for his forces. He was known for receiving visions and holding the ability to discover assets that would help with his victory and soon would discover his saviour. The factory. A great underground complex where he was able to finally manufacture the weapons he needed to help overthrow his oppressors. This combined with superior tactics acted like a hot knife through butter and drove off many of the Vega before they even had a chance to see him. He soon subjugated the Vega kingdoms gaining access to their ships and knowledge. However his greatness will not last forever during a battle over the eye of Zephyr his ship was struck by a Vega cannon but before the combined fleet of Vega and their allies could wipe the rest of the rebellion the great roar of their God shook the heavens and the great wind sucked the great fleet into the eye of their believer and bought the great flames of damnation and death upon them for nigh all eternity. With this great victory it was not long before Dominion was re-established over the great world that was soon renamed to their God's namesake.

Their revenge was a long time coming. Purchase was made of the great families that once ruled the world, many of their presses found themselves in the same change they had so recently used on there enemies. The once downtrodden now created a new society based on their vision on their God and created a true empire one that would be feared across all the system. The moons of their world quickly submitted with the exception of Europa which was given autonomy as their kraken Lord had supported the rebellion.

Now the Empire is on its 3rd Emperor, and looking for new lands to conquer. The Barrkara and Jutari have created a warrior caste society in which strength, intelligence and faith are seen as the highest virtues of an individual, they want nothing more but defend this new freedom which they have so sought. And they prepared to fight to the death to defend it.

Their sigil depicts the world of Barrkara, the 3 stripes representing their 3 principles of faith, strength and intelligence. The great red spot of Zephyr represents the anger of their heart. Before black semicircles depict the 4 continents in a simplistic form but also represent the 4 tenants of their God. Sacrifice, diligence, love and compliance. And the god in question Barrkara it's seen wrapped around their world as their saviour and defender always watchful and always ready to snap at any invader.

In the words of the book of the beast

"Thou may remember that thy wish to bestow pain must be prepared to receive Pain"

Had a lot of fun thinking of concepts for this history. As always looking for your feedback and criticism as I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading  and have a nice day
Sunrise of humanity: Mercury sphere.

The Mercury sphere describes the area between the sun and Mercury as well as its surrounding space and halfway between Mercury and Venus. Due to its proximity to the sun there are very few surviving man-made structures in this area however there is still remnants of humanity.
The solar swarm debris field: this area is located very close to the sun however there are other search fields further away. This is a catchall term to describe the satellites and other platforms that surround the sun and surrounding areas that were used to some form of solar harvesting. Old records to show that at one point a large swarm of energy harvesting satellites and stations were placed around the sun however the collapse of the golden era saw an end to all solar harvesting. The several millennia of conflict instruction saw many of the satellite simply damage to states to be and many falling too close to the sun to be disintegrated. However, others remain operational and some are even still used by the various factions of the solar system. Control of the satellites is very imperative and usually defended by well-paid mercenaries or soldiers. The satellites even the damage one contains rare components, so Junkers go to sometimes very dangerous lengths to retrieve the components.
Star Born: this is the closest settlement to the sun and is made up mostly of what remained of a giant containership that somehow managed to survive the centuries of warfare and is now a sprawling metropolis. The town is home to many mercenary’s and makes much of its money through solar energy packages which it sells to various groups. The ship is divided into 4 clans. Each occupying a section of the ship. This land was fought with each other but now maintain a steady alliance for cooperation. Life here is not as difficult as in other parts of the system however it is not cushy with of course an exception to the elite few. But to those who live there it is their home and is one of the freest places in the whole solar system and despite the clan rules there are very few limitations to how one can live their life. This has led to a strange holdout for much literature and culture to come from.
The Marinesol: the Marinesol are strange creatures that can be found close to the sun. They are large almost wail like creatures with long silvery skin bodies that have large rainbow coloured wings that stretch for miles, they contain large mouths which are used to swallow anything from meteorites containing water to other smaller space creatures. However, they are no antagonistic threat to humans so long as one doesn’t get in their way and are more like basking sharks of old earth then aggressive predators. Small towns can even be found on the backs of these amazing creatures using their bodies to shield them from the sun these isolated communities had very little contact with other people as they are usually too close to the sun for protection and only the toughest of ships can get close meaning that these isolated towns which sometimes even drill into the creatures themselves can go their entire lives without seeing a single ship, many of them not even knowing how they arrived and built the societies in the first place.


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I'm sort of thinking of working them into my timeline e.g. let's say George V knows he can't have them in Britain proper because of the inconvenient political fallout so they get dumped next door in "neutral" Ireland, note in my timeline the War of Independent restarts due to govt. fecklessness and the anglo-irish treaty get renegotiated with Ireland as a commonwealth member and a dual monarchy with Britain.

The Romanov's end up in political exile on a small estate in the west of Ireland and end up using their smuggled royal jewels to finance their own business and keeping their heads down.

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