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Wake up Honey

This was possibly the sadest thing I've ever seen. The boy bird flew into my family's car while he was with his mate. He died and the girl bird wouldn't leave his side, no matter how close I got with my camera or when the ants started crawling over the boy bird.
It makes me wonder if animals are capable of feelings like love. Why else would she have stayed when in possible danger?

EDIT: Whoa! I've never had such a positive responce before on any of my work, let alone my photography. I may not respond to every comment, but believe me, I have read every one and really appreciate all of the stories and thoughts that were provoked. I feel kindof embarrassed because I didn't spend much time on this picture and had a couple other shots that were good, but I had no clue it would make it to the front page! Thanks again :heart:

If you want the 2000x2000 pixel image without the watermark for a project or something you can note me. I really hate putting watermarks on my work, but I'm just being cautious of art theft that commenters have brought up.

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i think i'd cry if i'd have been with you