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X Over My Heart
Everyone seems to pass by me,
Never seeing and never listening.
I'm just a kicking bag for them to play,
Beating on tattered old me.
They don't see the pieces of white shattering,
The ones who I want to be crumbling away like dust
Dust that flies around me like pack of flies.
So mark me with an X
One that takes up all of me.
There's no good in my heart, no good to do with me
I'm nothing but a broken doll to them,
Nothing but scratch on a disk,
A broken chord on their guitars.
So place an X on my heart,
On the ones who I want to be
I'm no use to them.
And when I disappear,
It's like I was never here.
:iconalchemistqueenie:alchemistqueenie 1 3
Tears on a Sword
Tears over a sword
A sword that lies over his cheek.
Tears for a girl he holds so sweet,
Wrapped in bandages all over,
Her left eye to see no more,
The right to see the streets so dark,
But a face so sweet,
That holds tears she won't cry,
That he shall forever more.
He's a wuss and a whimp,
But he holds a smile for his girl.
As the rip and the roar of the twenty's go by like a train on the tracks,
Exploding like fireworks in one another's heart.
No kisses are need, only hands to be held,
When she rescues him and he recues her.
A sword lay on his cheek
His lips lay on hers,
If only a second so fast,
As a train on the tracks.
:iconalchemistqueenie:alchemistqueenie 2 2
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Final Trial
Final trail here at last,
The moon beckoning for her
No one to help to her now,
But the fifty-two in her hands.
She does not wish to fight,
The petals of her name flowing down like a soft rain
His hand moves forward,
Her body reluctant
Entranced by moon spell.
He calls for her to fight him now,
She refuses and makes the vow
To never hurt the moon at all.
He attacks,
She defends
Vines burst out from a source of wood,
Entangling her in their grasp
She has failed this final test.
He beckons her away,
False memories of her days
Collecting things she holds so dear,
Not hearing the call of her future love in her ears.
Only by the chiming bell
Is she awakened from the hell?
Of false memories the moon has made for thee.
She is given a second chance,
Friendship born on this night,
When the Sakura gained the right,
To master the cards of Clow,
A brand new star to take a bow.
:iconalchemistqueenie:alchemistqueenie 0 1
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Megan Zarek
United States
Hello. I'm Megan. I'm 20 and live in Florida as a college student. I am a proud member of Club X, A few Full Metal Alchemist and Soul Eater Groups and the Florida Cosplay Groups. There is a good shot you've seen me at Megacon , Metrocon or AFO if you've attended. Yes...I'm Evil Cooking Mama.

Right now I only submit Poems or Cosplay Shots. I may or may not submit art because I kinda suck at drawing. Right now graphic arts is on hold because college killing my brain.

I like many different animes, manga and games.

I'm also a fan of Homestuck, Doctor Who, Hockey and the Marvel Avengers series!

Journal History

Well shit, I haven't updated this in ages! Well time to fix this shit!

So I'll be at Metrocon in a few weeks and I can't wait. I'll have to be late to the Homestuck shoot due to the AMV contest because I'm entered. But anyways, excited to whip out my nepeta cosplay again. Yay! I'm also working on a casual Nepeta to wear to Disney for my friend's birthday! Also, bring a sombrero for some craziness. *cough Gamzee is wearing it cough*

Also, I'm working with my friends Carly and Mango to make Two OC's. Carly is working on my Homestuck Oc; Tampa Bay. Making the City of Tampa. I'm working on all the clothing combos. I'm working on a Tampa Bay Lightning on first just for the sake of getting to carry a hockey stick all day to ward of creepy fanboys and to carry a MOTHER FUCKING HOCKEY STICK. Eventually pirate clothes will be invovled and my friends are being either Moscow, Atlantis (lolwut) or D.C.

My Homestuck oc, Merona Vespera the Dancer of Fortune, is under major work. I'm fixing the horns and hair, keeping her Rose inspired sash cause I like wavy as fuck fabrics. And I'm keeping her light blue Zodiac Ram shirt sign even though someone else is using it as well. That or I'm using the Tampa Bay Lightning Lightning Bolt.

Anyways, thats all for now.

  • Listening to: Cover Pride - UVERworld
  • Watching: Baseball Tonight
  • Playing: Pokemon White


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