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Junipersinge | FuryClan Medicine Cat | TFC



 ✦Name: Junipersinge
   Prefix: Juniper | Named for her blue juniper like eyes.
   Suffix: Singe | Coincidentally she smells like juniper being singed and her pelt colors are fiery and sooty like it's being singed.

 ↠Age: 42 Moons
 ↠Gender: Queen / Female / ♀
 ↠Clan: FuryClan
 ↠Rank: Medicine Cat
 ↠Breed: American Curl,Main coon and Munchkin mix
 Orientation: Heterosexual

Apprentice | Mentor History:
[♀] Brokentune | FuryClan | Deceased | Mentor | tanatiger | Former
[♂+♀] Dovedreamer | UmberClan | Alive | Tutor | Kill-Cola | Former 
[♂] Pigeonpaw | FuryClan | Deceased | Apprentice | RANPl | Former


Strength: 5/15
Speed: 1/15
Agility: 2/15
Tactical: 6/15
Endurance: 3/15

Attack: 5/15
Climbing: 10/15
Swimming: 4/15
Flexibility: 4/15

Mental Health: 9/15
Physical Health: 11/15

Build: She's really small and slightly chubby.
Weight: Slightly chubby
Height: Small
Fur Length: Really long
Fur Texture: Slightly poofy

Scars: One on the brim on her nose and a thew minor scars on her neck that she has no idea how they got there.
Conditions: Nothing really notable, just the constant feeling she's forgetting something.
Talents: She's surprisingly good at climbing.
Infected or Pure: Pure


[♀] Pappy | Kitty-pet | Unkown | NPC
[♀] Storm | Rouge | Alive | NPC

[♂] Dapper | Breeder Cat | Unknown | NPC
[♂] Crush | Rouge | Deceased | NPC

[♀] Opal | Rouge | Alive | NPC

[♂] Flint | Rogue| Alive | NPC

[♀] Poppy | DewClan | Deceased | NPC
[♀] Rose | DewClan | Deceased | NPC

↠Former Mates



 ↠Personality: [Bullet; Green Clever | Bullet; Green Quirky | Bullet; Green Practical | Bullet; Yellow Experimental | Bullet; Yellow Stern | Bullet; Red Quick to anger| Bullet; Red Pessimistic | Bullet; Red Craven]

Bullet; Green ↠ Clever |  Junipersinge is a rather smart and intelligent queen, she was always more for solving the battles with words and not wounds, mostly because that meant work for her. However due to her high cleverness she is rather tactical in the thew mandatory fighting lesions that she reserved with her mentor. She also use's her cleverness to try and think of more ways than one to help cat's indeed and the malarkey. 
Bullet; Green ↠ Quirky | Well I would be doing nothing but lying if I didn't say she didn't have a sight seance of humor, even if that humor is rather curt or dark, she is quick to make comebacks and will never miss a chance to say one, unless it's a really really really bad time then you should just know to keep quiet at that time. Due to her quirks she is rather fun to be around and can make you laugh at lest 70% percent of the time. 
Bullet; Green ↠ Practical | Junpiersinge really likes to get things done, if it's not completed she can't go to sleep as it will be the only thing she can really think about for the time being, sometime's if she is exhausted she will then sleep on it. It however will be the first thing she dose the next day like straight away the next day. Sometimes she will even take on more than one thing at once because she just wants to get things done right there and then. 

Bullet; Yellow  Experimental | Now shes really not one to follow the rule book word to word and will sometimes stray from the path, she wants to find better ways to cure cat but feels like no one is actually trying anything to improve upon it, sometime's she will even give an cat an offer of "Well you've likely to die but I have an idea on how to fix you want to try it?" ore at lest on the lines of that, sometime's she will watch warriors to see if she can help any who need help.
Bullet; Yellow ↠ Stern | Now even though she loves a joke as much as the rest of us, during times of bad moodsmenship or during something really important like a cat giving birth or something along those lines of grate risk there will be no jokes at all to be told. Most cats might even find her intimidating in times like this borderline scary maybe even terrifying it really all depends on the type of cat and how deep in this mood she is in.

Bullet; Red ↠ Quick to Anger | Ohohoho dam, she has a big temper and the worst part of it is that she is quick to loose it, sometimes she will start off as being rather bossy by demanding herbs at a cretin time no later and if your early she will think something is up. She can be offended easily and even though she's a median cat she might give you a thew quick scratches but nothing too bad, she also holds grudges so remember that next time you need herbs. 
Bullet; Red ↠ Pessimistic | Sadly she's also a bit of a downer and also an honest downer if your going to die, she will flat out tell you your going to die. To her if she runs out of one herb. WERE. ALL. GOING. TO. DIE. Is how it is for her so there will always be a lot of herb patrols. She also really likes to make sure that the herbs are safe from the areas she get's them from so she will give strict instructions and be very pessimistic on what happens if there not followed. 
Bullet; Red ↠ Craven | During her death one thing was noted probably by all cats in FuryClan who witnessed it, is that despite her witty demeanour she is in fact scared of many things. She fears death and is afraid to face her mistakes. She feels like the clan knows about this trait now and spends most of her time in her den unless needed. However she will deny it's existence if confronted about it. Even though she knows really it's pointless.

▪ Kit
0 - 12
Now unlike most of my cat's, Juniper was born a rouge and well called Juniper, she had two sisters called Poppy and Rose. All of them were named after some form of plant. There mother Opal was once a kitty-pet however she got lost from home one day and that's when a young tom called Flint fonder her. Now Flint was the are to the thrown so to speak of a Rouge gang. However the litter was not good as only toms were allowed to be the head of the gang. When she was about six moons old her grandfather the head of the gang Crush passed away in his sleep so his son Flint became the leader of the gang. Flint and Opal tried to have another litter but one day in the city when Opal was pregnant a local biding set on fire and is spread to where the cats lived. In that fire, Rose and Poppy both died and Junpier nearly did as well but thankfully her parents manged to get her out, but now her pelt terminally smells burnt. Juniper blamed her parents for Rose and Poppy's deaths calming that if they had time to save her why not them as well? She wanted to get away to leave the gang behind so one day when she was eight moons old she got her chance. A large group of cats walked though the aria looking for cats to join them and whether her parents liked it our not, she joined them. After moons of traveling with the cats they arrived to there new home. Due to the sents she liked the company of most she chose to join FuryClan. However they flat out told her she was too week and was refused.

When she reached the age of 12 moons she was still keeping an eye on FuryClan. When one day she herd from some warriors that the Medicine cat's apprentice had died during the night. So she was about to go a try and sneak into camp. When she was caught by one of the warrior's. They took her to the leader's den a large and I mean large tom of a cat known as Pheonixstar asked her why she was here and she told him "I want to join FuryClan as an Medicine Cat!" with that she was accepted. 

▪ Youth
When she was made a Medicine Cat apprentice she was given the name Juniperpaw as it was obvious that her parents had given her a name that could have easily have been made into a clan name. She was obviously given the Medicine Cat Brokentune as her mentor for her training. She trained long and hard as a Medicine Cat and during this time she was actually kinda clumsy in her apprenticeship and one day when she was looking for Thyme as in sprinting to find some she tripped and gashed her muzzle on some thorns in a bramble thicket. She found some thyme witch some was used to calm her down the rest had to have the blood washed off it. As punishment she was scolded and had to clean out the nercary with the other apprentice's. After that she really got her act together. 

Many moons later when she was about 28 moons old, he mentor Brokentune began to get sick and she was not ready to become full Medicine cat quite yet so then a cat known as Dovedreamer from UmberClan came over to visit his kits and friends but also to monitor Brokentune and Juniperpaw. The two didn't talk much but she kinda wished he did, as he taught her more than Brokentune did and inspire her to try new things. Sadly when she was just about 30 moons old Brokentune passed away, Dovedreamer told Pheonixstar that it was time for him to go and that Juniperpaw was ready. With that she was given her Medicine cat name.

▪ Adulthood
30 - Current
Juniperpaw was given the name Junipersinge after the fact her pelt smelt singed and because of it's coloring. Since she became a Medicine cat Cardinal featehr's were pieced in her ears and covered with a juniper berry. Soon after a great illness stuck and Junipersinge on her own was rushing around trying to cure all the cats of her clan. This was easyer for some as they were in the same clan as the prophet of the almighty who soon kinda pushed her aside and magically cured everyone. Soon after she was given a kit to train as the next Medicine Cat of FuryClan Pigeonpaw. Soon after Pheonixstar planned a raid on DewClan witch she and her apperntice had to take part in and steal herbs. However half way though the fight she began to help cats on a both sides and she still dose not know if Pheonixstar caught her while he was buchering Halfstar.

Moons later FuryClan where flushed out of there house and home due to a disaster known as The Relentless Tide, many cats died and due to this many cats doubted Junipersinge's ability in healing. However more often than not the cats where dead before they even reached her. Soon after a battle with a literal god took place, and a long side Dovedreamer she helped heal.

Moons later again, another disaster struck, Cats from all clans began to die horribly they where burned and slaughtered by an unknown force. In response to this Phoenixstar called her forward in front of the clan. Where she was to be executed, she begged him not to,even braking down and crying. But the leader would hear none of it. And she was killed with no remaining dignity.

However, this was not the end for her.

She woke up in a land filled with stars and lived there for many moons among them, unaware of the disaster below. No one spoke to her, no one acknowledged her. It was like she wasn't there. However one day a shining cat walked up to her and just like that, resurrected her.

She woke up in FuryClan, as if she had been asleep for moons, having no memory of what happened, but still a dreading fear of Phoenixstar. Over time she was filled in on what she had missed, even her apprentice was dead. She felt empty.

▶ Food
▶ Mint and Juniper
▶ The cold 

▶ Fire
▶ Cat's dying in her care
▶ Being too warm

▶ Unknown illnesses
▶ Incurable illnesses
▶ Phoenixstar 


 Crush: --
 Mate: --

▪ Short fur
▪ Brown Pelt
▪ Timid Nature

▪ Mutations
▪ Out loud nature 
▪ Black pelts



Name: Fishy/Fish
Gender: Agender | He/She/They
Activity: 6/10 | I have College but when I get back I have no life but the internet.

 ↠Roleplay Settings

Roleplay Availability
Notes | ✘
Skype | ✔
Chats | ✔
Comments | ✘ 
iScribble | ✘

Roleplay Ratings
G/PG | ✔
PG-13 | ✔
M | ?

 Roleplay Example 
"Silence that was temporary cut short. The only sound that could be herd throw the Ekkets transparent ears was the raining and the blood rushing in his head as he was flung up in the air by that tank of a thing that towered over him, he hit the ground with a thud and a gack sound as the wind rushed from his lungs. He was stunned for several seconds but thankfully the things rocky body was making it hard to limber over to the Ekket. He quickly heaved himself up as some of the orgene sandy dust and fired at the thing. No effect. He sneered "Well then big fella if that's how it's going to be" he spat and using his speed he dodged the bolder arm as it swung at him and after a slight recovery form the shock wave he sprinted up the arm slipping and sliding on the loose sandstone as he ran up, he twirled the knife's handled in his hand before slinking it into the gap of the giant's eye hole." - Taken from VR App.


            Art © FishyRaptor
   Application and Info Template © The-Fierce-Clans/MamaMadi
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Dovedreamer came to FuryClan preggers to help them in their time of need and had his kits there XD
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