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Spice and Wolf meme by WingedFoxHota Spice and Wolf meme :iconwingedfoxhota:WingedFoxHota 24 17
Fella Around the World Contest

 Get a Plushie Fella!

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   Read Official Rules for More Details »

Anyone who participates in our Fella Around the World Contest will get a free, exclusive Fella Badge! Just submit your work to the Fella Around the World
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Simon_-Gurren_Lagann- by ShiroiKame Simon_-Gurren_Lagann- :iconshiroikame:ShiroiKame 36 23
Young Talent feature O1
Hi guys,
This will be an ongoing feature of talented artists on DA.
Today's feature is :iconExphrasis: who I've known him for a while on deviantart. His work has improved over the years, so go forth and check it out. He is a young artist from France, studying concept arts and not very well known here on Da, so go give him lots of love.
wink wink nudge nudge

He's a delicious 3D modeller as well:
:thumb186619066: :thumb186342426:
If you want more news articles like this one give it a +fav.
:iconalexiuss:alexiuss 204 65
Art4Love more like Art4Thieve
Hello guys, i come here with the purpose of letting you guys now whats going on out there and that you may not be yet aware of.
On my inbox i found this journal
soon afterwards i decided to go on and see what it was about
read on it's not that long
but summary is
these guys right here, have been stealing and selling many many many artwork from fellow deviants and selling them at outrageously high prices
it's almost like going through dA with less works but with prices through the roof
here are some examples from :icongenzoman: from :iconartgerm: from :iconwen-m:
and many many others that i can't quite recall
but i do remember some artworks there that i found firstly here on d
:iconnightmaregk13:NightmareGK13 253 421
Someone sent me a note on DA saying Markyourspot is selling art stuff without permission and at a huge price.
They're selling some of my stuff without my permission. and
I am trying to spread the word about this massive theft case just as someone did with Fortunately that site has already been shut down. So I hope something similar can be done with markyourspot.
Please please check to see if anything of yours has been taken, and file a DMCA with the site’s host.
I'm not the only one on DA which has been stolen. In fact, lots of artists have been affected by this.
Please fav this article so that it can spread fast!
:iconmartanael:MartaNael 679 464
Massive Art Theft From dA and FA Artists
I felt this was important enough to make an article out of. This is something I received through Tumblr and dutifully passed along. I am trying to spread the word about this massive theft case.
Here's the quoted text:
They are stealing artworks from all over DeviantArt and FurAffinity, then posting them as “paintings on canvas” with huge price tags. Please please check to see if anything of your’s has been taken, and file a DMCA with the site’s host.
Please pass this on so we can get this disgusting thing shut down.
:icondametora:Dametora 577 1,113
The under 100 Club (6)
I think I found some new hidden gems with all less than a 100 :+fav:s that deserve a little more appreciation.
Please be so kind and show them some :heart: ;)

Just 32 :+fav:s

Just 45 :+fav:s


Just 19(!) :+fav:s

80 :+fav:s

91 :+fav:s

78 :+fav:s

Just 48 [+fav]s


Just 20(!) [+fav]s
Kingfisher by Les-Piccolo
Just 42 [+fav]s
:iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 102 88
Manga/Anime Monthly Features Vol.24
Welcome to the twenty-fourth edition of Manga/Anime monthly features. Each month I will browse through the Manga/Anime gallery and find some of the most eye catching and wonderful pieces that have been submitted each month! This month's features are from deviations submitted in July 2011.

Rest by DAV-19 ACEO COM: Gabrielle by AlleyCreek Awakenings by Toosan :thumb243738425: Yu by cantieuhy
miracle child by Tomiokajiro :thumb243612428: Angel or Demon? :colored: by Giname Poster 2011 by schillernatalia Kami-no yo by kunoichi-san
:thumb245473079: Paper Fish by manusia-no-31 Zee by indui Kiss my pain away by Nouin :thumb216382712:
Hollow Butterflies by midorynn :thumb244338958: .:La Calle Del Gato Que Pes:. by Mako-Fufu snake by yingwu AT - NMR by 210793
Winter Princess by MaGeXP Repetitive fantasy by OXMiruku Butterfly by tiffa CR, Welcome to the Show by kuro-alichino +Maria+ by TGA-Tsurugi
One Second before Awakening by NaeNeko Osen Cover by KarameruYukika Green Summer by Kyatto-san Miss Necrophilia by XkY Dreams of Butterflies by rinota
Merlin's Rainbow Sweet Shop by Jad-Ardat :thumb2171376
:iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 75 53
Overcoming an Artblock
Howdy y'all,
I wanted to talk about what makes up an Art-block, and my experience with them and how to overcome one.
Over the past few weeks a couple of my friends (and including me) have been in insidious art-blocks for the last couple of weeks. I've been helping them get through it and we've been talking about the experience and ideas on how to solve it.
Remember that these are my opinions, I'm not a psychologist or anything... but I DO believe that you DON'T need a doctorates degree or be a psychologist to help others especially on a mental/emotional level. I also like to define words on the spot as I write to give you more comprehension. (the * means I'm giving you the definition of a word)
What is an art-block?
My definition of an art block is a feeling of unmotivation, it's a lack of interest or energy to practice/draw/paint/work on your art, it's usually accompanied with tiredness, and procrastination. In essence, it's apathy (*apathy is a feeling of not caring or lack o
:iconpolywomple:polywomple 52 20
Kagen no Tsuki by FoxInShadow Kagen no Tsuki :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 111 20
RIFT Create a Colossus Contest Semi-Finalists
In the RIFT Create a Colossus Contest, we asked you to design the biggest and baddest boss you could imagine. We've seen some of the creepiest, strangest, and most horrific monsters imaginable, and we love them!
The judges have narrowed down the entries to 25 semi-finalists. From these 25, the final three winners will be selected by Trion's creative team!
Once judging is completed and the final three winners are announced, all 25 semi-finalists will receive a copy of RIFT and a 3 month Premium Membership to deviantART. The three winners will be receiving cash, Wacom tablets, and other prizes.
Read Contest Article Read Official Rules
:icondanlev:danlev 445 1,036
How to Handle and Provide Critiques
During my short hiatus, I didn’t leave dA completely. I just left my inbox and main page. Instead, I spent my spare time diving deeper into dA community, browsing through news articles, random groups, and various journals, until I accidentally stumbled upon this: ”You can’t avoid criticism.”
Criticism has been a big issue for many artists, including me. Some take it for granted, others throw a hissy fit. So, how can we provide and handle critiques without making a big fuss?
Don’t criticize people who explicitly state they don’t need critiques.
“But they won’t go far in art industry with that attitude!”
Those people may do not even wish to be an artist.  They just draw for fun. There’s no point of spending your precious time analyzing one’s picture and writing a critique if that person doe
:iconpinkstripedmellon:PinkStripedMellon 482 167
Starbucks Contest Semi-Finalists
In the Starbucks Blended Remix Contest, we challenged you to express your love by taking the things that make you happiest and putting them into a cup. The entries are in and the judges have selected 50 mouth-watering semi-finalists!
From these semi-finalists, three winners will be selected to win cash, a Wacom tablet, iPads, Starbucks Cards, and more!
All 50 semi-finalists will receive 800 deviantART points and $10 Starbucks Cards after the final winners are announced. They'll be able to use their Starbucks Cards to make their own custom Frappuccino® blended beverages... in real life!
Read Contest Article Read Official Rules
:icondanlev:danlev 255 355


Well, I was tagged by Pichu-B! It was ages ago, but I haven't really managed to get around to doing until now. I'm a rebel who doesn't want to bother to post the rules, so let's get into it right away.

10 Facts About Me
1.- I want to have my own game company someday. For now though, I'm pretty happy with developing games in my free time.
2.- I like chocolate. I mean, I really, really like it. For the safety of your chocolate, you should keep it away from me.
3.- I've always been interested in game development, and have made little games since I was young, but what made me get serious was the Square Enix Latin America contest, a competition for which I worked really hard.
4.- I can't say I remember exactly when or how I started, but I really like listening to extended music (usually game music looped for at least 10 minutes).
 5.- When I was a kid, I used to have hamsters. One died because his water bottle was jammed. The other escaped.
6.- My favorite games are Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (the battle system actually became deep when you played on Critical difficulty), The World Ends You (excellent and unique battle system, great personality) and Shadow of the Colossus (no explanation necessary).
7.- I enjoy doing shameless self-promotion.
8.- I'm currently working on Life's Impetus, a strategic action game where you have seconds left to live and must gather the souls of the dead to survive.
9.- I would say what motivated me to work hard to reach my goals was a Bakuman, a Japanese manga about two guys (in school) who wanted to become manga creators. Their never-ending effort to reach their dreams was a really big inspiration for me.
10.- And actually, Bakuman also inspired me to delve into webcomic making for a while. It was great fun, and really helped me improve my art, but before I long I decided I should dedicate myself more to gamedev.

Pichu-B's Questions
1. Are you a cat person or a dog person, and why?
Good question, to be honest I haven't really spent enough time with either to be able to tell. I'm not a very energetic person though, so I feel a cat would probably be a better match for me.

2. Have you ever been to a gig/concert? If so, when, where, and who was playing?
Last thing I went to Distant Worlds, the Final Fantasy concert. It was back in June, at Movistar Arena here in Santiago, Chile, played by the Metropolitan Symphonic Orchestra if I remember correctly.  I didn't recognize half of the songs (need to play more FF...), and they didn't play some I was looking forward, but it was awesome nevertheless.

3. Did you ever break a bone?
Nope. I've sprained myself many times though.

4. Pirates or ninjas? about ninja pirates?

5. Do you play Hearthstone? If so, what's your battletag and the best Rank you achieved? (if you don't mind sharing it)
Nope. I really want to try it out someday, see why so many people like it.

6. If your entire video game collection was on fire and you had time to save only one game, what would it be and why?
Probably Kingdom Hearts. Besides bringing a lot of good memories, it has one of the best box arts ever. (it's worth noting that it's actually shiny)

7. Would you rather be home alone or with some friends?
Alone. I actually like going to friend's houses a lot, but when it comes to my house I rather relax and concentrate on doing my stuff.

8. Is a set the sum of its parts?
...There's insufficent data for me to answer this question.

9.What are your plans for the future?
As I mentioned before, make my own game company! I'm slighlty unsure about which road to take to achieve that, but for now, I'll make games in my free time and try to sell them.

10.What's your favorite animal and why?
Don't really think I have a favorite, just some I like more and some I like less. I'm guessing it's because I don't really pay that much attention to them.

(no, don't feel like tagging anybody else :p)
  • Listening to: David Sylvian
  • Watching: SAO, Tokyo Ghoul
  • Playing: Soul Sacrifice, TloZ: Wind Waker


Just call me Alce.
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