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Diligence (Mahikan/Mage)
The Maikan are known as the conjurer of Mahika(Magic) and use it to their own will. They are a very rare class among the races and valued with every Nation, economically and militarily.
Impending Siege battle
Men of Thirty Thousand Strong, exalted from the many campaigns in the northern lands, now stand in attention as they behold the towering walls of the city Silhan.

The Lakan of Maynill thought that the Southern lords of Kavate will surrender peacefully right after their devastating defeat at the northern provinces of Bahko-or and Imhos. Yet here they are, armed with rifles, cannons and a 200ft magical wall to deny all our attempts to take the city.

tag by YS-Liliumsynth once again I'm kidnapped and was hostage by a deadly spoon and I won't be release until I answer this tag so yeah here we go.

question yah?

1. What world's end are you gonna choose to die: nuclear apocalypse, or zombie apocalypse, or bunneh apocalypse, or alpacalypse, or llamageddon, or loligeddon?XD yeah that really is the question no.1, deal with it~~XD 

answer: Dude nothing beats llmageddon, deal with it also :iconsaiyanplz: LLMAGEDDON!! (grabs popcorn)

2. Favest anime genre?Meow :3

answer: :iconthatsrightplz: I don't have a specific fave... actually, as long as I like the story, whether it is comedy, romance, horror and even shonen, shoujo, as long as I like the story... I'M IN!!!  

3. How do you see yourself SIX(6) years from now [because that's on 2020, and every political or shiz or just about anything out there has goals on 2020~~~no shit~]?

answer: :iconrejectedplz: hmmmm to tell you the truth very blurry. You see I've graduated from a course on creating games for console and PC or android and stuff, and believe me this gaming companies here in the Philippines are strict, it's either you have already an experience or you're a programmer, and I'm not the type to be a programmer, and I've been rejected three times already :icondignitylaughplz: HAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! But you know that's not the reason why I said it is "Blurry" I said it is blurry because there are many paths I can take, a guy working in the gaming industry is just one of them. right now as I look for another gaming company I'm practicing my paneling skill in comics :iconchattarika: said I'm a good boy and always obey the panels and lines the last time we've met in the meeting so I'm going to be a bad boy and dis obey the panels, want to see a sample? hahahaha!!

4. If you're going to be a henshin hero (ya know, tokusatsu like Ultraman), who are you gonna be and WHY?

answer: dude Ultraman, :icongreatjobplz: first order of business, destroy evil, (head towards the Philippine congress hall)

5. Do yu beribu in romansu rabu? (Do you believe in romantic love?)~~Laughing my ass off!


6. Based on the news and stuffs on the missing MH370 plane, can you cite a thing or two to improve air travel and/or aviation in general? this is the most sensible thing I can come up asking huh~~XD 

answer: :iconcuriosityplz: Sorry dude, I don't do planes, I can study a thing or two about airplanes but to improve it? it's beyond my comprehension.

7. If you can ask me with a question that requires 99% honesty (I can still lie by 1%~~XD ), what will it be?La la la la

answer:  :iconstudytimeplz::iconfanplz: hmmmmm according to my records there this one thing that I want to ask you for a longtime (flip page) ah there it is, according to the article #789 of the yahn pogi book :iconhandsomeonionplz:...

"When did the love for anime and moeness started or rooted for mr, yuu?" who is is the perpetrator?"

8. Do you agree that mosquitoes can teleport?Laughing my ass off!

answer: :iconsmartyplz: HAH! NO! I can still kill them using my bear hands. the fly however...
9. What do you think of coffee (yes the hot/cold drink, and yes I'm drinking Kopiko Koppicino (Kopiko's cappucino version) right now~)?

answer: :iconshining-eyesplz: KYAAAAAAA KOPIKO-CHAN!! (me screaming like a fan girl in my head whenever I see a kopiko in mini stop or 7-11) hope that answer your question

10. We begin with a deathly question so we'll end it with the same kinda: do you or have you ever thoughts of committing suicide?Meow :3

answer: :iconveryhotplz: Yeah, college life, la salian days.... life's a bitch during that time, if weren't for my pride and dreams I should be dead by now as a matter of fact, this DA account will not exist if I did that. Life's is hard but I ain't a coward to escape it.     

Well that's it now please lay down that spoon that thing is dangerous. 

as for the tags... Well let it end with me :icondignitylaughplz: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!


  • Reading: HIstory Books
  • Watching: Anime
  • Playing: Shadow hearts series
  • Drinking: Stawberry Milk


Christian Andrew G. Alce
Artist | Student
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Reporter: are you ready for the interview?

Me: uhm... wha? INterview? What Interview?

Reporter: Well, this is DA every artist needs to at least let others know about he's and her existence here.

Me: well yeah but...

Reporter: well let's get started then amp.

Me: okay... (heesh what a troublesome annoyance this is)

Reporter: okay, can you tell me all about your self?

Me: Uhm yeah sure-sure, the Name's Christian, code name Alceoftheart (Alce of the Art) but some of my friends here call me Alce, because that's my family name and because I usually use my sir name on putting a signature in my art. Uhm... I'm from the Philippines, in South East Asia, and I'm from the Province of Cavite, the province of the freedom fighters!! graaaaaah!!

Reporter: ah a Filipino eh? Good to know!

Me: And Proud of it!!!

Reporter: Okay, what kind of style you use.

Me: Traditional, digital, and my style of draweing!! ANIME!

Reporter: Are you a Fan Art type or an OC?

Me: OC Type, man!! I don't linger on Fan art, it's something about self pride as an artist.

Reporter: self Pride?

Me: whoa don't get me wrong, I have nothing against those who prefer fan art style, I have to admit I have one fan art here of Marcelyn of Adventure time, but other than all of my drawings are OC based. It's has something to do of me being and dreaming to publish a graphic novel someday, and my pride dictates not to draw anything fan art based except for the OCs of my friends whom I really make exceptions.

Reporter: ohhh I see... What kind of style of atmosphere do you prefer to your drawing?

Me: Dark... although I linger sometimes in the light, but I prefer the dark scenes, I'm somehow attracted to it!

Reporter:okay what culture in the world are you attracted most?

Me: Japan is one of the culture I liner upon. I'm a self proclaim otaku on my own right, but NOW!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!! I PREFER SOUTH EAST ASIAN CULTURE ESPECIALLY MY BELOVED COUNTRY PHILIPPINES!!

Reporter: wow.... Patriotism on it's prime!!


My OC's ready to say hi
some has a story some has not

The OC parade NOW

Mikael Harana

Mikaela Harana



Luna & Hatol








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