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Living Room Shenanians

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The dogs were enjoying their day off. It was way too hot and humid for anyone to get any work done. Plus, with the rain parading down on and off all day, we felt like it would be best to just leave the dogs indoors for now. Thankfully we have a part of the yard that is covered so we didn't have to worry about wet dog smell, or wet dog paw prints on the couch. So we let the dogs do what we want for the day while the adults worked on the paperwork and figured out expenses. The day went smoothly, there wasn't a lot of noise inside or outside the house. However, it all stopped once we heard Nugget growling. I watched him as he paced the halls, grumbling to himself. The other dogs didn't respond. Bluebell continued laying at my feet, and Brandy was too busy watching Lily cook. I called Nugget over to me, but he refused to listen and instead hopped onto the couch and stuck his face by the window. His growls turned into barks which echoed in the room. Morpho opened her eyes and glanced at Nugget before trying to return sleep. Poppy gave a high pitched bark in response to Nugget, but he clumsily ended up toppling all over Morpho. Poppy jumped off the couch and returned to his own bed.

Nugget barked a few more times before jumping off the couch and returned to pacing the house. Almost immediately after doing a single lap around, he threw himself on the floor where he stayed for a nap.

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