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February 16, 2017
Theory Sucks by AlbyU
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Theory Sucks

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The Wizard looks like he was really into his lecture, but not all his students are :P
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Looks like a very interesting party.
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This is fantastic! It reminds me of the fantasy novel I am reading right now and makes me happy. The woman needs pants though :)
AlbyU's avatar
nah, she is ok like this :)
glad you like it!
PaintGuru24's avatar
Maybe theory, and practical would suck less if you put on a damn pair of pants!
JFR-student95's avatar
haha I love the style, big eyes and their expressions. England (Laughing) [V3] England (Laughing) [V3] 
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I may be an exception, but I got a slight Discworld vibe from this - maybe somewhere in Llamedos...
Mogwai-toejam's avatar
This pretty much lampoons every bad fantasy novel I've read.
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Is that Arthur? XD
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She looks like she's on the toilet.
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Very nice! Congrats on the DD
SuperSaiyan3Scooby's avatar
what is the story behind these characters
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This piece is just too much fun to not favorite. :]
The combination of cartoony and realistic is fantastic!
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:deviantart: Congrats on the DD! :heart: :clap: :deviantart:
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Immediately thought of Sword in the Stone, but Sir Kay sure changed a lot.
Exellent work though! Really love your use of textures and composition
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Nice shadings and composition ! Colors are cool too, gratz for the DD ! :D
AzabacheSilver's avatar
She has a look like "When do we smash something!"
Fan01's avatar
She's so bored lol
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Congratulations on the DD! Well deserved! These characters are so great and their story seems so funny and interesting. :D
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"...and that's how plugging all the cows bottoms will stop global warming.
Now are next lesson will be how a sheep's bladder can stop an earthquake."
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Very nice and well produced piece of work! Well done! Congrats!
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