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Staraflame, fusion of Staraptor and Talonflame. Drew the tail quite longer here, making it to look like a phoenix and the fire on the back is to signify that it'll blaze so much the more it pumped up in a battle. Hope you guys like it! 

Posted the alternate fusion's color on my Instagram:…

(If you guys are interested, you can put 2 Pokemon names in the comment as a suggestion for my next drawing)  
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Fusion of two of my fave birbs? heck yeah

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Golisopod and Aegislash.

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You're welcome.😁😁
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Would it be ok if I request one, or is it to much work?
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Oh damn that looks so pretty!

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Imagine a Reckless Boosted Flair Blitz from that thing!

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Yeah exactly haha :D

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2 of my favourite birds
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The double-layer crest makes it look less like a fusion and more like a Talonflame wearing a somewhat bulky Staraptor mascot uniform. Or an avian version of the Paper Jam final boss.

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Lol that's understandable :D

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Hey,you know a thing?

Staraptor and Talonflame are my favourite bird Pokèmon of all time!

It's so pleasant to see them fused together!

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Thanks! It was actually suggested by one of my followers from my Instagram :)

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He must be a lover of these Pokèmons like me
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Amazing work! I am looking forward to see my fusion

this is AWESOME

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