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Haxerior, fusion of Serperior and Haxorus. Giving Serperior both Haxorus' hands here with white leaves on the sides that kinda resembles as wings, for cutting down and slashing it's opponents away. I also took some design inspiration from an ancient Egyptian serpent protector named Wadjet, where it's mostly depicted as snakes with winged-hands. Hope you guys like it! 

Posted the shiny variant for this fusion on my Instagram:…
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Pokedex: a fuse mon known as a regal king If it’s authority is questioned The perpetrator Will be dealt with swiftly

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Pokedex: Within the vast deserts of the world, they can be seen near ruins of temples and ancient landmarks. The markings on the landmarks show that the pokemon were once worshipped like legendaries.

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So... which staff of the Serpentine does he hold?

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You're welcome, Could you make Noivern and Samurott fusion called "Noimurai" typing Water and Dragon, cause I made a suggestion

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I like the big collar.

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doesn't really come off as Grass, maybe make the white into green?

idk, still nice fusion

how about Luxray and Houndoom?

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I did try to use green with the white leaves, but I felt that the colors looked really monotonous overall by then. Thanks for the comment and suggestion tho :D

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Oh my god that is awesome. They're both my favorite pokemon!!

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