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Glasviary, fusion between Braviary and Glastrier. I would say that this is one of the wildest fusion design that I came up with so far, which I based this on the Hippogriff creature, a mythical mix between a horse and eagle. At the end, I ended up on choosing Braviary to combine with Glastrier :D. Hope you guys like it! 

Posted the alternate color for this fusion on my Instagram:…

(If you guys are interested, you can put 2 Pokemon names in the comment as a suggestion for my next drawing) 
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Hey is it ok if i borrow this for a fanfiction im writing ill make sure to ill make sure to credit you

pokedex: this pokemon is said to rival its sister spectrika in power but cannot match up to its king calyneas

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this is without of doubt one of the greates pokefusion ever

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Pokedex: A proud and study Pokemon capable of surviving the harshest blizzards and can even fly over mountains.
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The trio is complete

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I wanna see Alolan Marowak and Galarian Slowking fused together. Forming a very evil looking Shaman or Lich

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Thanks for sharing that idea, sounds really awesome! :D

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An ice Hippogriff, G E N I U S
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Coolest Gryphon ever
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Welcomed, Braviary may be my fav flying type
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Alakazam and Machamp

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A buff psychic martial fighter sounds really awesome, thanks for suggesting :)

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Glasiary (Glae-she-air-ee) or (Glae-see-air-ee) sounds pretty cool as an alt name imo. The V in Glasviary one kind of sounds unnatural.
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I do think that sounds like a cool alternate name, my other choice would actually be Glastriary lol.

Although the reason I chose Glasviary was because I thought of combining the words of Glass (Glas) and Aviary (Viary) from both the Pokemon names. :D

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The ice hippogriff

Epic. Absolutely epic.

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