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Boartic, fusion of Emboar and Beartic. A boar and polar bear hybrid mix, where it generate huge amount of energies to charge up it's fiery body underneath the icy fur coat, and balancing both the fire and ice elements to keep it going steady together. Hope you guys like it! 

Posted the shiny variant for this fusion on my Instagram:…
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A fusemon of fire and ice it’s power Is feared And only other fusemon of great strength dare challenge it

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Pokedex: These pokemon can be seen dueling one another on the icy tundras of the north. Due to such behavior it causes the ice to break apart.

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G-Max Blastoise and Chandelure, that be one hell of a combo.

I have to say this is a very plausible and interesting mix that goes well together, coming out as one tremendous elemental

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Thanks, and appreciate for the suggestion as well :)

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You are so welcome~!

^X^ Rock on!

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Too bad Crasher Wake doesn't specialize in either type as this would definitely be his

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I would say maybe Wulfric could be fitting for this, since he has the big coat and he's an Ice type Gym Leader as well :)

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Actually that is more fitting tbh

Also had to look them up cause seen nothing of Gen 6

Also I thought of Wake because this one looks like a Wrestler in a way

That works way better than it should

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Me like. Maybe you could do an Altaria + Eldegoss fusion next.

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That is really cool.

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Nice work, Could you make a Fusion Noivern + Samurott "Noimurai", Water and Dragon Type. please

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