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Sculpt from a Silverjow Sketch

By albron111

Colored version of the sculpt I did, based on the sketch by silverjow

Doing a lot of rewards for my patrons on Patreon for this sculpt.

If you want to support me and receive rewards everytime I'm posting an image, just become my patron. 😝

Even if you pledge me now, you receive ALL the rewards I've done in August, depending on your pledge.
(rewards for Maxime in bondage, Tommy cardio, Nick Pokemon and this Silverjow sculpt)

Pledging on patreon is very easy, and it's helping me to make a living of my work.

Thank you to all the supporters and followers. A big thank you.


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© 2016 - 2021 albron111
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This dude's packin some serious equipment in those sweats. Love that bulge!!!
QueenBopolis's avatar
Oh my god I just noticed because of this comment
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Ros-Dcosta's avatar
please do post a back view of this sculpt too.. Will look amazing i'm sure.. :)
Could i get more resolution pixel for this picture?
CThompsonArt's avatar
Just seeing this now.... It's so cool, very well done.  The lighting is A+
Alexmasterman's avatar
great! but better without without pants
better than real
Andy1979's avatar
KaitanTylerguy's avatar
Amazing piece! One fantastic artist honouring the work of another fantastic artist, it doesn't get better than this! 
Frisby-2007's avatar
Oh man, how I LOVE a man in sweats. Now way to get me to pleasure him faster than wearing them. I love how it captures Silver's style while still having your own aesthetic to it.
metropower's avatar
Just fantastic!
TheStrongGladiator's avatar
Fabulous and amazing artwork!!! OMG 
So sexy, handsome and adorable man!!! The traits of his torso is spetacular and well-designed face is incridible!!! Shocked Shocked 
Irrestible!!! Heart Heart 
spartasko's avatar
avez-vous déjà penser sortir un petit comic ? ça pourrait être vraiment génial!
silverjow's avatar
This is fantastic!! Thank you so much! 
Travis-Anderson's avatar
hey question! What is your process on scultping clothing. Did you simulate these sweatpants?
albron111's avatar
Hello, the clothes are made with Marvelous designer. I did just a little sculpting on that part.
Travis-Anderson's avatar
Yeah I was like those folds are perfect. Its gotta be MD. I'm slowly learning 3D... its..its a process for sure.
albron111's avatar
Learn. And practice, that's the best way to learn !! :-)
eduardoeltuve's avatar
seems good, is detailed... but i have a question... WHY IS THIS ON THE RESULTS OF THE SEARCH OF "POKEMON"?!
albron111's avatar
I have no idea.... No tags Pokemon on this image. I did a pokemon go tribute before, maybe that's the reason why...
ashleon's avatar
WOW. You truly captured silverjow's style and made a fantastic sculpt. I am truly amazed.
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