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School work.
One of 4 pieces which are supposed to reflect our inspiration and styles we enjoy/prefer. This one is music. I was planning on doing a vector illustration, but changed my mind.

EDIT: Wow, I'm kinda baffled here, I didn't expect this piece to receive SO much attention in such LITTLE time! What, almost 500 already, and increasing still! This is more than my most favorited deviation before has reached EVER, which got lousy 113 favs in 4 years.
I just simply can't thank you all, I'm so glad you like it, and thanks to =TwiggXstock for providing such beautiful stock photos of herself!

EDIT 2: Changed the category, as I didn't feel it fit into the photo manipulation category.


Girl =TwiggXstock
Paint brushes ~domino-88


Adobe Photoshop CS4
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can i  use this on a youtube music channel? Its called lofi radio. I credit all artist who are in it.…
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Sorry, no, you can not use this work on YT or other places. The reason is because I'm not the creator/owner of the original image. I have only made a digital photo manipulation of the original piece.
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You can tell by her face that she is lost in the music which is also nicely portrayed in the smeared ink strokes. Great work.
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Really Awesome..
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Music has lost so much soul recently.
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i seriously agree
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This is truly awesome!
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Hey, did this replicate the effect of paint or ink? Just curious, it's how I imagine they would look. Or some chalk and charcoal along carefully placed lines, perhaps?
I'm feeling kinda geeky...teehee
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Hi Albiona, we are trying to contact you with regards one of your images, and maybe the possibility you could create some artwork for us. Kind regards Mark Casey at Yellow Jelly & Partners
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wow! I think she's ready your this artwork
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Love love love, this is great!
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Glad you didn't go with vectors man lol this would be a sweet poster or cd cover.
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this is so beautiful
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cool, Reminds me of fallulah :)
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