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Uixx pack

Download latest Rainmeter version!


Wallpaper by *Omelettu

:new: now includes white version!

Rainmeter pack from Albinozz! The Uixx style.
-shortcuts (you can hide and show them)
-Clock (Big and Small)
-And much more

Miss something? suggest it!
Please report any bugs.

mods and ports allowed if you credit me

Have fun :dance:
© 2009 - 2021 albinozz
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Orangereapor's avatar
amazing, nice work
I love the simplicity of the design:)
rustikprodius's avatar
Și za huinea măi? unde-i funcționalitatea?
halohannah's avatar
Hello :) I love your skin pack~ can you please tell me how to get the black bar across the top (where your music player is)? I only have the two side bars and the taskbar
giveupwest's avatar
The colors of the line are wonderful !
that's Awesome :)
can you tell me how can i make a shortcut of recycle bin in that shortcuts? i dont know the path os the recycle can you help me?
ABC-123-DEF-456's avatar
Nice Skin but how do I make the shortcuts launch specific programs and open specific folders? They don't seem to work :(
zynix976's avatar
I have the same problem. I tried copy-pasting the shortcut for my documents folder to another shortcut, and adding a subfolder to the path. Did not :\
I tried opening the subfolder in Windows Explorer and getting the path for it there, did not work either. I'm quite confused... :(
ABC-123-DEF-456's avatar
It's been a few weeks, I still haven't worked it out :(
zynix976's avatar
Allright, I have narrowed something down:
The quotes (") doesn't matter.
The path isn't particularly fond of spaces in the names, eg.: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\A subfolder like this
Not even with quotes, does that work: "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\A subfolder like this"
But, if you change it to: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\ASubfolderLikeThis, then it works!
ABC-123-DEF-456's avatar
Ohh I should try that out, although I think when I tried to do it with a folder it was simply a one word folder :/
SebHolm91's avatar
Those angled black bars just make it stand out from the crowd and seem sort of futuristic though also very elegant at the same time :)
mohablp7's avatar
Cannot edit notes, in both ways.
But it's one of a kind theme indeed, I'm happy got such on my desktop. Thanks, man.
heilnizar's avatar
Love your clock, well done, hope you fix your weather soon.
svnthenigma's avatar
ah i figured it out. just have to change "%H:%M" to "%I:%M". now i just gotta figure out how to get the weather working and i'm set. awesome work on this, btw.
albinozz's avatar
My skins are kind of uotdated thats why weather doesnt work. check the forum
There is nothing on the forum about Uixx. Could you prehaps update it? One of my favorite skins.
how do i change the time variable to 12 hours instead of 24 hours?
albinozz's avatar
dont have a variable for that. you've to change the hole clock .ini file
kirykid's avatar
Very Awesome!!
crazygama's avatar
Also, is there anyway I can change the internet option to google chrome?
albinozz's avatar
yes you can. open the .ini file with notepad and change shortcut variable to google. should work
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