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By albinozz
Update 1.6
Now includes version

Update 1.5
I found that one icon had a wrong position, now changed. if you already have download this one, you probably don't need to do it again, do what how you feel


By request from Karmat111 ;)

For the first time I didn't write all the code by myself. It's kind of a very big mod on this one.
so thank you Jetpac!

The icons are made by LavAna
thank you very much for sharing your work!

and about the ToxxWeather...
you can chose maximized view or minimized view!
Made to fit with the other Toxx Skins
thats it, I think.
Read the .ini file for more info on how to use this skin.

this may be the last Toxx Skin for a while, I have some new ideas on another layout styles that I think can be nice.

so stay tuned ;)

oh, and of course
feel free to edit, just don't forget to give me and the other creators the cred :p
© 2009 - 2021 albinozz
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Soy nuevo. alguien me ayuda a descargarlo? como hago para descargar le maximized view?
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very nice  job    bravo  :)
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been lookin for such a weather theme, white, simple icons, slim stuff <3 keep it up :D
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~sandriaissabella, Here is how it works....[link]
Hope this Helps...
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i already have the local weather...but where i need to paste it..i really dont know abt this..pls help meeeeeeee....
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how to change the font?
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I can not find my location on (Netherlands) , but I can find it on accuweather. How do I adjust
URL=[link] to the accuweather location so that Rainmeter ToxxWeather will work? Thanks!
Your link is to Huskvarna Sweeden. Its code is SWXX0099. If that isn't the location you want, what city are you looking for? Amsterdam is NLXX0002.
Here is the mod.

Hey mate, I modified your weather to include low/high for the forcast days. Thanks for your work.
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Thanks for this. I was looking for a weather theme for rainmaker that matched dEEP 7, and this looks great with it.
First, thank you for this skin
But I can't load it in windows 7. Is it compatible?
Hi ~albinozz, thanks for the skin, but mine seems not working properly with the "? sign after the temperature reading. Can I know how to rectify this? Thanks.
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this skin is outdated. Please visit the forum for a solution
I see. Thank you.
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Thank you so much
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nice rainmeter.
this is my question all i want is a weather config that looks like this. does anyone know where or how i would go about doing it? [link]
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Haha, Tack Tack :D
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Lugnt, det var verkligen precis vad jag letade efter ! =)
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