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Ok, here comes the next Note application!
Snotes! Simple Hide and Show notes!

It is almost like NoxxNotes, just some layout changes, and so on. Different from NoxxNotes is that Snotes have just one button for both "Hide" and "Show" the notes.

There is both White and Black version in this package.

Feel free to edit this skin, just don't forget to give me the cred ;)

And of course, stay tuned. I will release a new note app tomorrow. And I promise, you will love it ;) "NOW RELEASED" [link]

You can find NoxxNotes here [link]
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This isn't working for me.. I try to write a note clicking the plus button but nothing happens. Can you please explain to me how to edit the code so i can fix this? I have no experience with code so if you could say it to me like I'm an idiot that would be perfect