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IMPORTANT! temp. solution on problem.
-in the .ini file and the URL line, change xoap to xml

+now included RSS reader!
+click CPU or RAM title will bring up the taskmanager!


Well, now it's here!

the backround in this preview is [link]

the icons in the Weather gadget are made by LavAna

The preview speaks pretty much for itselfs.
You can show and hide, just click!
Some gadgets do have the possibility to choose betwen Right or Left version.

The Note app has some new features, choose betwen Notes, To Do and Other. To edit them, just click the little title to the right on the top.

well thats it I think, question? do you miss something in this package? just leave a comment!

more skins! here:
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hey! your moxx pack notes was featured here -…
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hey! you moxx pack notes was featured here -…
to all those who with the notes.txt not opening problem, try edit the path for your notes.txt in the MoxxNote.ini.
Find the notes.txt via the original path, and then change the path to the one that's on your computer.
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I cant get the weather to work, I have tried everything. I live in the UK btw.
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I cannot get the weather to work either, and have tried every web address possible, and all combinations. I live in the UK does that mean it wont work?
I cannot write anything on the note widget and cannot get the weather to work
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I cannot get the weather to work.... :(
what do I do?
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Great skins! Only wish the player was for itunes.
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Awesome Set, i need help to the weather location, i'm live on San Salvador,El Salvador.
i have the line like this


Thanks a lot!
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i cannot change the weather, urghhh
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good job i like it 1
This is absolutely fantastic, but when I click the little title to the right in the notes app, nothing happens. How do I edit the notes? :/
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you have to make sure it's a valid path to the notes.txt file. otherwise create a new .txt file and paste the path in the .ini file
yeahh I already got it (I forgot you don't see get notified for replies to my own comment) but thank you for your support anyway :) I truly love this skin, it's without a doubt my favorite. Thank you so much for putting it up
Ahh never mind, I found the answer in one of the comments. I really love this skin to death, excellent work!
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This is great mate! Just found your skin, and I'm loving it on my PC. Works really well :) Have you considered doing a Moxx pack for Rainlendar? I think it would look really awesome :) Thanks for this, it's great.
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no I've stoped developing skins due to my operating system is no longer windows.
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Ah ok. No problem mate :) The looks amazing anyway :p
Great work :heart:
But how do you add notes in to the Notes thingie :/
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thanks :)
check the description. If you still got problem, make sure you using a valid .txt path in the .ini file.

/ Albin
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