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IMPORTANT! temp. solution on problem.
-in the .ini file and the URL line, change xoap to xml

+now included RSS reader!
+click CPU or RAM title will bring up the taskmanager!


Well, now it's here!

the backround in this preview is [link]

the icons in the Weather gadget are made by LavAna

The preview speaks pretty much for itselfs.
You can show and hide, just click!
Some gadgets do have the possibility to choose betwen Right or Left version.

The Note app has some new features, choose betwen Notes, To Do and Other. To edit them, just click the little title to the right on the top.

well thats it I think, question? do you miss something in this package? just leave a comment!

more skins! here:
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Finally, I found a notes skin that is how I want it! Thanks for that!!!

ButI have 2 question.

  1. Is there a way to show the text that isn't showing because of the size of the textbox? How can I manage that so that I also can see the rest of the text without making the textbox bigger oder delete text in the notes.

  2. Is there a way to give the text different colors? So when I have a note and add another that the new text is in a different color, so I can differentiate better between the different notes?