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Ioxx Pack

update: small code change in some gadgets

:new: Screenwide and clock center position for taskbar now change automatically! INSTALL LATEST RAINMETER [link]

:new: Changed the default path for Shutdown/Logout command to fit newest rainmeter version [link]


wall: [link]
HDD icons: [link]


what can I say
It's very important to install it correctly! the Ioxx folder should be in the skins folder like, Rainmeter\Skins\Ioxx

This skin pack is not so hard to use so I think you will get it.

some commands:
-Left click weather icon will open the weather.ini
-Right click weather icon will open your destination at
-Left click current weather icon will open your destination at
-Left click title, brings you to latest skin on DA
-Left click skin title, brings you to the skin on DA
-Left click download now, will open webbrowser to download the latest skin.

The new Ioxx LRDA!
this gadget shows the three Latest uploaded Rainmeter skins here on DeviantArt.
For all skin creators out there, if you want your preview to fit this gadget you should make it in aspect 16:9

For the shutdown and logout function I think you need to be Admin on the computer to get this work properly

questions? miss something? problems? bugs?

If you make mods or ports, credit me

visit my gallery [link]
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when klicking on the icon from the bonus hdd, should open then the path of the hdd? in my case nothing happens, maybe you can help. nice skin btw :D
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check the code... I don't remember if it should open ;)
they work.sometimes, but mostly not. cant figure out y!?
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hmm. wierd

check and the forum
can i only get the big clock? look nice!!! what is to do? Rainmeter is installed and runs.
Please step by step (sorry for bad english!)
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just download this pack and extract it. then paste the Ioxx folder in the Rainmeters Skin Folder. Then just right click the rainmeter icon and choose config and select Something from the Ioxx config.

yeah - super!!!! it works!!!! Thanks - you are great!!!!
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of course it works :p

If you need more help you can always check out the Rainmeter Forum [link] or ask me ;)
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Doesnt work for me, I keep getting a message saying "section [metadata] is not a meter or measure!"
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uppgrade Rainmeter to version 1.1 [link]
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I have a question...
How do you edit the notes to say what your notes are you want to put on there?
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you have to edit the skin and check so you have a valid path an existing .txt file.
then you just have to press the "plus" icon and notepad will open, write your notes and then save. The skin will update automatically

/ Albin
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I got the notepad open with the txt file but what in the code do I edit to change the notes?
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I'm not sure I understand what you mean. but.

you don't have to change anything in the code. You should write your notes in notepad and then save. the skin will show the notes you've written in notepad.
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oh well I figured it out on another skin I changed to, lol, thanks though
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Nice, love it like all your other skins...
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Nice, love it like all your pther skins...
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This one is brilliant! I love the LRDA gadget! You are a true inventor, coming out with something totally different each time!:winner:
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thank you very much! (once again ;) )
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