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You gonna talk me to death?

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I've longed for you...

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Born to be Different (Chapter 11)

CHPTER 11: Lightkit watched Ravenstar from her den as her mother slept that morning, she watched nervously, scared the old leader would keel over in a heartbeat. Ravenstar was crouched over the fresh-kill pile picking out something to eat. Her blue eyes were glazed over and her black fur stuck out in all directions with her muzzle looking more grey than black revealing her old age. It had been five moons since the incident with Hazelstep and lots had happened. Ravenstar had come down with greencough, and only a few sunrises had past when it was reported that Sootkit had caught it too. Lightkit turned her gaze to her father who was watching

Born To Be Different

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The Rise of Deathclan

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Gingerleaf's Story (Chapter 5)

CHAPTER 5: “Kits!” Gingerkit saw her sisters had joined her and were looking just as curious at the small bundles of fur with Pineheart. The clan was at an uproar. “Who are these kits?” “Where did they come from?” “Where did you get them?” “Pineheart?” Fallowstar mewed calmly, silencing the cats below. “What have you got there?” “They are mine Fallowstar. And their mother from Windclan has wished for me to take them” The Thunderclan cats hissed some mewed curiously to each other. Gingerkit knew Pineheart was a well-respected cat and a good fighter, bu

Gingerleaf's Story

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An Eternal Winter: Warriors Fanfic: Chapter one

AN ETERNAL WINTER: A warriors fanfiction Chapter 1: Howling Winds Bitter cold winds howled like a wolf throughout the lands. Heavy snow blanketed Thunderclan camp, leaf-bare was still going and it appeared neverending. Days were short and cold, nights were ling and even colder. Many elders could not remember when last a leaf-bare was this bad and many believed they'd not live long enough to see greenleaf again. At first the kits enjoyed the snow-filled days. They would play outside and catch snowflakes, but now many had retreated to the warmth and comfort of their mother's fur. Riverclan had reported that the rivers and streams had frozen

An Eternal Winter

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Skydiver Walk Cycle


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Hazel, Fiver and Blackberry

Watership Down

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