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The time had come once again, the choosing ceremony, as the lionesses had begrudgingly dubbed it. King Igazi must choose a lioness to have cubs with... These choosings were always met with fear from the lionesses. The King would pick one he wanted and wait till she gives him a cub, and if its not to his liking or if its a girl, he does the choosing process all over again. Most lionesses already bore him cubs, some cubs now dead for not being what Igazi wanted, others raised in fear, not seen as the King's children. Most of the lionesses do not  want his cubs, but know they have no choice, what the king wants, he shall take....

Sadly, this time he chose the young Nia, a the youngest of the adult lionesses, she was barely out of her teen years when she was expected to provide a viable heir. This choice didn't surprise many, she was young and capable and eventually, every lioness had their moment, until Igazi got what he wanted.

So here we are Sweating a little...  Finally! Igazi choosing Nia to bear him cubs, as you can tell, some lionesses are disgusted by this decision, but Nia sadly has no choice :( (Sad) 

Nia was created by the talented: :iconkatanary:

Chimwala was designed by the talented: :iconheadlesslioness:

The background lionesses were adopted and altered by meLove 
Thank you to these lovely people for allowing me to use them and adopt them!

Scarred Eye: :iconfousni:
Beauty Spot: :iconmaxpainevolumn:
Im afraid I cannot find the link to Stripe Girl so whoever i bought her from thank you ^^

Thanks again guys! Love 

Let me know what you think!

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BaltoKirigaya's avatar

Damn you Igazi! You're even worse than Scar!

CyberWolf09's avatar
Agreed, I’d rather be in the PrideLands during Scar’s reign, than live through Igazi’s tyrannical rule
BaltoKirigaya's avatar

maybe in this universe Scar was working for Igazi this whole time!

bloodbathewhitewolf's avatar

Yeah and Igazi was I think Simba would disown him as a family member

Grufflet's avatar

Oh, so pretty! I love this scene! The art, expressions, and story really gets to me! This is wonderful! I can’t wait to see more of The Barrenlands!

ExGeneration35's avatar

I feel very sorry for every lioness including Nia :(

CougarHearted's avatar

Those poor girls-- you can tell that all of them have had their fair share of abuse. =(

BaltoKirigaya's avatar

That bastard must be out of his mind if he thinks he's gonna get away with this!

MysticAvengers's avatar
Igazi: I know you're there, Hero.

What do you think you're doing?

Igazi: I'm only choosing a mate.

Choosing a-they're scared of you!

Igazi: And you're not?

SpiritedWolf1000's avatar
That's just wrong...😔
Volespirit's avatar
Igazi’s a dirtbag.
MidonLynx's avatar

This is deep XD

Not a happy deep, but that type of chair-clutching, nail-biting, hope fot the poor beans deep

bloodbathewhitewolf's avatar

WOW, that is pretty damn dark but very cool! Definitely not something Disney would do but more realistic on how it works with lions in the wild

bloodbathewhitewolf's avatar

Let me explain that a bit better I know it's not exactly how it is done, but I can see it being done! I can see if a lioness has weak cubs them being killed and eaten.

LauraEarthrider's avatar

If all those lionesses jumped him at once, they could probably kill him

bloodbathewhitewolf's avatar

Yeah by the looks of some of them, they are too afraid to do that!

LauraEarthrider's avatar

Unfortunately, that's often how it works out :(

Fousni's avatar

Beautiful artwork, the expressions and characters are stunning.

Also, it's lovely that you used the character that you adopted! It's nice to see her!

XSnowfur-kindcatX's avatar
I feel sorry for those loinees and then al of have the cubs of him he was lije they are uslees pikd latter youngest pefert but i feel sorry voor her.
Tim-Tam00's avatar

Oh god he's awful =-=

bloodbathewhitewolf's avatar

But it's more realistic about how lions are!

Assheton's avatar

How is Igazi related to Simba?

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