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The end of Taka [SPEEDPAINT]

In my version of Taka getting his scar, it does happen thanks to a buffalo, but it happens when he's a little younger while he and Mufasa were playing at the waterhole, Mufasa got scared and ran, this sparks Taka's distrust and hate for his brother

Also as a special treat i just received 1000 Watchers!!! Hug Heart :happybounce: Thank you so much everyone! I will do a special thank you soonMeow :3 

Because of this i've done a speedpaint! 

Speedpaint: The End of Taka

Hope you like it!
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I think Taka did die from one POV, and was replaced by Scar.
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Love the story and concept
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My version had taka planning a buffalo herd to stampede and kill mufasa but scar ended up getting hurt instead.
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Say good bye Taka, and hello to one triggered Scar
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nice job, but I mistook the buffalo horn for an elephant trunk xD; oops..
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Congrats on the 1k watchers!! :la:

Poor Taka thou! ;;
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Ooh, I love how you did the buffalo's horn and the look in Taka's eyes. :D

Congrats on the 1k watchers!!! You deserve it! :heart:
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Thank you so much!
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You're welcome! ^^
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