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TToM- Part 6: Guilt

By albinoWolf58
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Days passed and Nala rarely saw her mother since the incident. Scar kept Sarafina close and Nala was too fearful to get too close to the cave to find her mother herself. However, whenever she saw the hyenas she only felt one thing, pure, cold hatred...

Sarabi kept nala close and Nala could sense the lioness was trying her best to replace Sarafina, however she just wanted to be alone. Nala spent most evenings away from Priderock looking out to the distance, she sometimes even had the urge to leave and run off, away from this hell that she used to call home. 

Guilt ate away at her on these evenings, she curled into a small ball tears streaming down her face, she violently tried to wipe them away, but they wouldn't stop. Sniffing, she stared into the distance as the sun sinked lower. This was her fault and she knew it, she was supposed to be watching Mheetu, now he was gone, she should have been there with Simba the day of the stampede, she was his best friend and was not able to save him. 

Guilt gnawed at her belly as she closed her eyes. Never again, she wouldn't lose anymore Pridemembers. 

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Poor Nala really needs a big hug.
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SteveyJoe97Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everything about this drawing is beautiful! That background is especially awesome.
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CaitybeeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't think Nala would feel cold hatred, doesn't seem like that type of character.
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albinoWolf58Professional Digital Artist
This is my AU and I very much believe she would as they killed her baby brother
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Paint-PuffStudent Digital Artist
I love her expression, and THAT SKY DAMN :heart:
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Angel1404Hobbyist Artist

Poor Nala.. I want to hug her <:'(

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Magani1996Hobbyist Writer
Love the lighting here and you're breaking my heart with that expression. Marvelous. Simply marvelous.
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PouassonDeOroHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so heartbreaking :tears: her expression is so intense here, you really can feel the emotion.
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AiratheWolfHobbyist Filmographer
Aww poor baby girl. Love this picture or Nala and the story you gave it,it made me tear up reading it good job.
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