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Hyena Pair [CLOSED]

By albinoWolf58
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Doubt you guys remember this WIP XD

I drew these two ages ago and finally finished them! It was to show the differences on hyena types, by doing that i made a hyena based off of the hyena from the movie Mowgli and placed him beside a TLK hyena :D (Big Grin) 

I'm not going to do anything with them so if you want them make me an offer :) (Smile) I know the one on the left looks a lot like Banzai, hes not supposed to so if you don't want him i dont mind 

Right Hyena belongs to: :iconswag-moon:
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Are these stil open? If so, would you like at art/characters ?
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They are open, but i dont need more characters XD

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Haha, fair enough! Does my art interest, prehaps?
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I do like your art ^^

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Oooh! I could offer a hard-lined fullbody and sketchy headshot, if that is fair.
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Could i get an example? ^^

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(These aren't recent!!) Here's some examples of hard lining I did.
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You know what, i havent had any other offers i like so sure ^^ This sounds cool

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Haha love their expressions!
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I like it a lot. You did well.

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If you take points how much would you take because I don’t have much

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The striped hyena is tabaqui on the jungle book?
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Supposed to be based on him yes ^^

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I get the feeling they’re up to something.
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They’re a lot chubbier then the hyenas we usually see in the Lion King

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I mean the Lion King ones have big bellies XD

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