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Time to introduce you to Nayo!
She is one of Laini's babies and just so damn adorable!:heart:


Nayo really looks up to her confident "big" sister Aija, who would challenge a cheetah for a race if given the chance.
But Nayo herself is actually a real little charmer.
While shy with strangers, her sweet nature tends to wrap them around her paw and once she warmed up to them, the talking won't stop.
She can talk without pausing at all, her family sometimes even wonders how she breaths like that.
Which is cute and all, but she also tends to get into trouble easily.

Her curiosity and naivety together with Aija's spontaneity and confidence tend to mix like oil and fire to be exact.
Nayo wants to know what a rhino looks up close?
Aija will lead her into a whole herd of them.
She wants to see the world like a bird would?
Her sister takes her to climb a mountain.

They tend to drive their mother crazy sometimes with all their nonsense
but a cheeky grin from Aija and an innocent look from Nayo tend to help there every time.

Her design is from Nala15!
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Awww! She's so cute! :love: I love your description of her personality, too.