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Sharky Sales: Kirichu Adoptables 6 [2/2 OPEN]



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 Fabergé Fairy

Common upright ears
Uncommon gazelle horns
Price: $20 USD OPEN

Desert Bandit
Common upright ears
Common point horns
Price: $20 USD OPEN

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I am trying to put more time/effort into each design I make, as it seems people are more interested in adopting characters with at least a hint of personality.
Fabergé Fairy may seem slight and dainty, but they are surprisingly agile and are known as the fastest Kirichu in their village.
Desert Bandit is a silent nomad, spending their days traveling across the Hoetsepp desert in search of treasure which they sell to collectors for exorbitant prices.

Adoption Rules:
Kirichu have no specific gender differences, so you may choose the gender if you adopt one.
You can keep adoptable name/character idea if you like, or you can change it.
Designs may be altered slightly, but major changes must be approved by me.
You can trade/giveaway/resell your purchased adoptable for any price at any time.
Please credit me for the species and link back to my DA or your adoptable sheet. 
Payment in USD through paypal only please! Comment with adoptable name to claim.

Art, Design and Species (c) albinosharky
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aa Could I snag these two as well, haha. Q7Q)//