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Elemental Mage / Alchemist
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Diana is a lifelong magic practitioner with training focused on herbal and elemental alchemy. She was fortunate to be given a full scholarship to the mage college in Asterfall, and spent much of her youth studying ancient alchemy techniques and modern magic methods. Being a quiet pouf who preferred studying to socializing, she excelled in her courses but made few friends during her school days. After spending a few years practicing her new skills as an apprentice alchemist, for the first time in her life she felt a yearning for adventure, and so she began a journey around Bellacoste in search of knowledge and wisdom. During her travels she discovered many new plants and magical properties, stopping to study whatever she found particularly interesting. Though she spent most of her time alone, she delighted in meeting Pouflons during her stops in the cities and villages across the landscape, and indulging in different cultures became a beloved hobby.

After many years of travelling, Diana's interests began to lean more toward the technical aspect of alchemy, and she ended her journey by a sparkling stream in the Redwick Forest. Here she found an old abandoned stone tower, blanketed in winding ivy and moss, which she contentedly decided to call her new home. It took another several months to clean and repair the old neglected tower, but once she was finished it had transformed into a comfortable space to practice her alchemy and grow a vast collection of rare and magical plant life. It was here that Diana chose to spend her remaining days among the lush forest, a place that allowed her solitude to focus on her work yet was only a day's travel to bustling the bustling cities of Citremery and Chrysanthos; whenever she needed supplies or desired social interaction, these towns offered welcome distractions from her usual routine of intensive study.

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Diana by albinosharky  
Pixel: Blue Star Traits
- Arc Horns (UC)

- Windswept Ears (UC)
- Normal Wings (C)
- Lofty Tail (C)

Art (c) albinosharky
Design and species (c) tyronniesaur
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