I'm not dead!
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Hey guys! I'm really sorry for my lack of activity recently, but moving into august has always been a busy time for me- especially this year. Essentially, I have to get ready to go back to teaching. One will be in-person and meetings about getting back to school safely with the pandemic are happening every week or so. The college class I teach will be online so I have to plan a online curriculum. On top of that, my sister is getting married in early September and there's a bachelorette party weekend happening. On top of THAT my boyfriend is moving into my house and I've had to do a lot of cleaning and renovations on the house. I'm sorry if these sound like excuses, but what I'm basically saying is my life is freaking nuts right now. As soon as the wedding is over in early September I'll be back to being really active again, but for now I'm doing what I can. When I can I am working on commissions- those are taking priority over my own work. I'm currently on a 4-part commission right now for a commissioner and working on it when I can but it's slow going. I think I'll be able to put out a few more pages of the comic on my patreon, but that will be slow going too. If you are waiting on a commission I appreciate your patience but understand if you want to get in contact with me about the possibility of a refund. I will get your commission to you as soon as I can, but I understand if that's something you need to do. What I'm basically saying is everything is crazy and I appreciate all your patience, and thank you to those who have reached out with concern for me. I am fine, just very busy- but thank you for your concern. But yeah, that's it... Just wanted to give an update.

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KiaraXKovu27New Deviant

I love your work! And take your time!

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legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist

Take care and go at your own pace. :heart:

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MzKRAZyPOUiTA562Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Albino: I’M NOT DEAD!

”sometimes I can still hear her voice”

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Don’t worry. Take your time with things and don’t rush or stress over art. A lot is going on and it’s going to need your time and attention. Hope things work out!
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CapricornfoxHobbyist Digital Artist

<3 have fun at your sister's wedding!!

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Dinogirl4everHobbyist General Artist

Idk... you've seemed pretty dead to me.... especially cause of all the stabs...


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Dang Raven, you've had a lot on your plate lately. :faint: But your sister getting married and your beau moving in with you are the good kind of crazy, right? ;p

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Don't worry, you'll be stone cold in a moment :D

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WildnessInTheWindStudent Traditional Artist

Definitely sounds like you've got a lot going on in your personal life, which is completely understandable!! Take all the time you need, and I'm wishing you well :heart:

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It's all good, do what you gotta to do and we'll be here when you get back.

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