Black Lives Matter
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Black Lives Matter (EDIT: if you respond with "all lives matter" then you are missing the point, and I will delete your comment. Along with any other defensive, or else deliberate, racism. If you can't empathize with the plight of other human beings without being defensive then please remove me from your watch list.)

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Heart4WolvesStudent General Artist

I hate that response. Like yeah they do but you're not gonna tell firemen to spray water on the whole neighborhood when one house is ablaze bc "all houses matter." Your house isn't the one on FIRE a**hole

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FousniHobbyist Digital Artist

We should be treated equally! Right now we have to show love to black people because of all the bad things that are happening in the USA. Let's hope one day we will achieve the peace we have always been looking for!

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Spiritstrike91Hobbyist Writer

Everyone is all equal, no matter what you look like, what colour you are, or where you come from.

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I agree with this.

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I agree one hundred percent, we cannot just judge people by race or creed, we are all equal in our own ways, we choose our own paths, and we forge our own destinies. No matter what happens be who you are do not follow others, there is no book or teacher to give you the answers be who you.

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It is scary. What happened to Floyd is absolutely disgusting and horrendous, and I entirely understand the rage and desire for a change, but the fact that it all has to come down to even more violence scares me.
I live in Sacramento; there was a lot of looting in downtown, and cops were tear-gassing and shooting people. A few stores near the one I work at got hit up & looted, so we had to board up ours and will not be opening for a few days.
I'm glad I can at least stay at home for now, and really hope this will pass soon, but perhaps will finally lead to change, so this doesn't have to happen again.
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Dinogirl120Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for your support 💕
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TamayakoHobbyist Digital Artist

Violence should not be this commonplace.

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*claps vigorously*
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Yes! I live in Australia and I’m(sorta) glad I don’t have to deal with these riots. Don’t get me wrong, I like the marching and peaceful protests but the ones involving looting and shootouts I’m not for. #Blacklivesmatter

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I'm at that point here I'm often internally asking myself, "Why can't we all just be a bit nicer/more respectful to eachother?" =(

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Damn right they do

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