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SittingLioness-LineArt-500 Points-READ DESCRIPTION

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Before you even consider purchasing this, please keep in mind this is best suited for non-vector based programs that utilize layers such as photoshop, firealpaca, sai and so on. It is a png, so it'll probably open in Paint, but you will most likely get white around the edges if you try to just fill-bucket it.

- you MAY NOT remove my signature(don't worry, the purchased version comes without the watermark).
- you WILL credit me in your artist description when you upload it by mentioning me so it pops up in my inbox.
- you MAY NOT alter this line art for alternative use.
- you MAY NOT redistribute this line art.
- you MAY use this to sell adoptables but please note your clients do not purchase this base. So if your client purchases an adoptable off of you they get the design and colors of the character, not use of the base. So if they upload it on their profile I will report them for theft. Make sure your people know this.
- you WILL report any use that does not follow the above mentioned rules to me.
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It is possible to buy for cash (PayPal)?

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spyrkle4Student Digital Artist
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I'll take it! Could you make her look like this for me?


Also please note that my eyes are a greenish hazel color so the color you see isn't exactly the color I was really going for. Of course it was really the only chose they gave me with the program I used to make this.

And I'll send the points to you as soon as I get the OK from ya.
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Well I mean, if you have enough money you can buy a commission from them.
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Thanks but no thanks. I don't have the cash for something like that at the moment.
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albinoraven666fanartProfessional Digital Artist
Haha... Sorry, that's not how it works. You pay for it so you can color it. I am not coloring it for you. 
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Aw damn it! Just my luck. I suck at coloring. Just forget it and thank you for your time.
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flamefeathertailStudent General Artist
i dont think this is a YCH ^^ it's a lineart that you buy and color it yourself
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