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Scar's Reign: Chapter 3: Page 44

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Oh, mama is mad...

Sadly, I don't think this will bode well for anyone here. I mean, I love to see how fierce Uru still is and how she is defending Zira, letting Scar know she will NOT let this pass by regardless of who he is, but... C'mon, when has anything of this sort worked when it's with Scar?

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If Ahadi was alive to see what his son has become

I bet he’d be horrified
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I bet Uru is equally horrified, considering when she birthed her sons she only wanted them to be happy, she's probably trying to recall where she and Ahadi went wrong with their parenting. :(

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Fortunately for them. Nothing

The fault for Scar’s behavior falls solely on that red-eyes witch Viccha
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Can somebody link !w to the first page of Scar s reign, I can't find it...

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Well... while I doubt that knocking sense into Scar will have any noticeable effect at this point, I certainly admire how Uru takes the bigger step and outright tells him she will not stand for his behavior, period.

While that may still not have the desired effect - given the kind of stuff that will have to happen still, it's rather doubtful it will - I give her full props for her effort.

And I give you full props for the absolutely awesome art as well. Scar looks just as excellent rendered and despicable as always (and seriously, the fact he'd look at his freaking mother, and such a good mother at that, is terrifying) and Uru... well... she's yet another character who manages to look surprisingly threatening for an unambiguous heroine. Seriously... the lions in this universe may be nice and believe in the Circle of Life and try to kill only to eat, but they definitely shouldn't be taken any more lightly than their real wild counterparts...

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You make some good points, and I swear Scar cared for his father way more than his own mother who is actually alive. Losing Ahadi must've really... done something to his brain. He's so much scarier now, in the film he was bitter, sly and as king he acted like a brat constantly justifying his behavior with his authority over everyone, but here? he's completely batshit insane...

I'm really hoping Uru, Akina and Sarafina help Zira with raising Nuka after this, the girl's gonna need a LOT of help coping with the stress and grief, after birthing her son she may even develop post partum depression, explaining why she mistreats him in the film. She may blame him for Scar's abuse of her.

And with Mheetu already being the future king, things are gonna get even more tense between Sarafina and Scar's families. :nuu:

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You make quite a few good points yourself. Scar was no angel in the movie, but this behind the scenes look we get just shows him as plain deranged...

I confess, I don't hold a lot of hopes regarding anyone's involvement in raising Nuka, given how he turned out... but it's not impossible.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Sadly you're probably right. Maybe Zira turns Nuka into a psychopath at an early age and trains him to kill her brother or be an accomplice to the murder, because she promised him she'd love him and that he'd get to be future king? but of course he gets replaced with Kovu, poor guy. :(

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Looks like Uru is immortal

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Lions don't age and reproduce at the same rate as humans. If Uru had Mufasa and scar as a young, sexually mature adult at 2ish years old, and then after 2-4 years her sons are physically grown that's still only 6 years old out of the 15 that is capable in the wild; longer in captivity.

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How old is Uru? There are many theories like Uru died in a hunting accident or the one which says that she died of depression

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In my story she's probably an older adult; not at elder stage yet.

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Lionessess do kick out their male if he doesnt do his job right crazylizard

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"That's not how a dad treats his daughter."

I just now understand how heavy this line is coming from Uru, whose father was not only dedicated and kind , but also a great and wise king.

In other words, he was everything that Scar, her own son, isn't.

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I imagine that, if he were still around to see this, this would also be a nightmare for Ahadi, whose own father was a huge piece of sh*t. Ahadi feared that he'd be a bad father to his sons, and his fears were unfounded in the end…yet not only does one of his sons become worse than Ahadi's father, his granddaughter continues the cycle of abuse instead of breaking it.

In short, Scar is everything Uru's father wasn't, and everything (and more) Ahadi's father was.

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The parenting contrast between the two is pretty shocking. After all this, there was just no way Zira could have been a loving and stable lioness... Scar brought great woe to her family, the cycle will continue with Nuka, Kovu and Vitani. :no:

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can i kill scar

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No, the hyenas have to. xD

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When will page 45 be available?

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When she's ready. The patreon has to get more updates before we can get more of the comic here. :)

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Tbh you know she has a lot things to do such as creating more pages and thinking of writing 1-2 more chapters. It's possible that she might include Akina, Sarafina, Mheetu, and Uru's death on pages.

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Yes indeed, it's a long and complex process of writing, scripting and drawing as well as coloring, and she's a teacher in real life I think, so I don't know how she does it.

I wonder if Mnyama assaulting Zira would be showed in pages or just hinted at.

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