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Scar's Reign: Chapter 3: Page 31

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:( yeahhhhh... RIP Endesha.... And poor Zira.

Hope you are all holding up well in whatever quarantine situation your government has mandated. I hope you are taking seriously the need to socially distance yourself from others. And I hope you are staying safe and sane. Love you all, stay safe.

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lupine-felineHobbyist General Artist

Poor Zira, I guess a diseased tree can only poison its seed

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legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist

Very true. Nuka ends up inheriting her issues. She and her son end up dying trying to please their family. Makes me wonder what growing up in Scar's Reign will be like for Nuka, and how does Zira warp his mind and breaks his sanity too?

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Ana-WolfHobbyist Traditional Artist

I think it's a little ironic how Endesha was killed by hyenas by Scar's orders and Scar himself will be killed by hyenas (and there is the chance Zira will have a similar reaction, despite everything Scar has done to her).

I feel so sorry for Zira. I mean, I never liked her in the movie (not even as a villain), but damn... Okay, I still think there were moments when she could have chosen differently, even considering how Scar shaped her to be his minion, but that doesn't mean she ever deserved something like this. Especially since this was her chance to become a far better lioness than what she was back in Pridelands and what we know she'll become.

I think this will also ruin how the teens were getting help from other prides with food. After this, I doubt other prides will want to take the risk. Not because they don't care, but after this? Yeah, they will be too scared to do something.

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TaterTotThotsStudent Traditional Artist

i love this so much, keep up the good work!

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You have so much Talent!!!

I Love your TLK Comics!

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Is it weird that I actually hear Zira's voice, as I read that? 🤨
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MellowixHobbyist Writer
So Scar meets the same fate as his murdered son-in-law - How fitting. 
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iceandraHobbyist Artist
Oh... my heart... the feels are real.
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MagicalHyena-FanArtHobbyist Artist
Poor Zira Crying 
What a heartbreaker...
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I just love Zira's emotions... Her love for her mate...

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SkaiDaHogwartsGalStudent Digital Artist
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GoldenWolf95Hobbyist General Artist
Should I feel bad for not like, crying over this? I mean yes this is very very sad and I’d hate to be in Zira’s paws and am absolutely infuriated at Scar. However, I am not surprised by any means. I knew Zira’s happiness just wasn’t meant to be, plus I wasn’t quite as attached to Endesha. He was a nice character and good love interest for Zira don’t get me wrong, we knew so little about him. It wasn’t like when Mohatu died, or any of the other longer/well-known characters. I cried over their deaths (Mohatu’s and Ahadi’s mostly) because we knew them more; they had story and depth. They were characters I got attached to. Endesha we hardly knew. Still. Rest in peace Endesha. :c 
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NINADORHobbyist Traditional Artist
Kinda of agree
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legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist
I get where you're coming from a little, Endesha was kinda just a plot device to be discarded just to play as another factor into Zira's madness, and he seemed a bit too much of a 'cookie cutter' nice character, the only real action he's taken is try to protect Zira and their unborn cub, we hardly knew him indeed, I didn't hate him, and he seemed sweet, but he was mostly here as Zira's love interest and then get removed to put Zira through further agony, we haven't even seen very much of the Southlanders. XD 
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GoldenWolf95Hobbyist General Artist
My point exactly. I was a bit afraid I’d get called a cold and unemotional jerk or something for it, considering how intensely people are reacting to his death - not that I’m judging them for it either; if it makes them sad, it makes them sad. Their emotions are just as valid. - and I do feel sad about his death, I just simply cannot cry or get strongly emotional over a fictional character I hardly knew, and who served little purpose to the story’s plot (I honestly feel way more heartbroken by Zira’s reaction to the whole thing, rather than his death itself) ^^; Would’ve loved to have known him and his pride more, however.
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legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist
I totally agree. Nod  I felt more pained by Dumaka, Naanda and Ahadi's deaths, after a while, the character's fates just feel more 'inevitable' and you just focus on the implications of their deaths, and it depends on how attached you were to the character to begin with i suppose, something that makes me feel a bit of pain from Endesha's fate is knowing the future of his family, like how Zira will be forced to raise her son alone and how she becomes crazy and Nuka gets himself killed trying to please his mother, making his sacrifice almost in vain, he went out as a hero i gotta admit, I salute you! but... at what cost? Zira will lose EVERYTHING once this is all over, that's the thing that makes me sad. She doesn't get to have a happy ending and will only have scars, reminders of her fucked up past, and it won't excuse her potentially murderous actions in the future that could result in her exile, but, i feel really bad for her character. She's broken and trying to hold onto a sinking ship. I'm at least hoping at some point, she gets the opportunity to kill the lion that killed her mother. Like Scar said, life's not fair. And it's been especially cruel to Zira.  Crying 
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DevinitalHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey just something I noticed but um the title for this file says "Ch2p31" even though this is chapter 3. Just thought I'd point that out.
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DaBlueArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
honestly...when Zira started to cry I also started to cry, how could scar do such a thing with his own daughter?! but I'm glad that in the end, he dies
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legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist
A big shame that she still remains loyal to him, even when he's not around to use her anymore. He screwed her up so much, that she can never live without him. Sad dummy 
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DaBlueArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
ikr? I feel sorry for Zira, ever since I was small I never hated her, I knew something bad happened to be like that
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legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist
I agree. I loved her, ever since I saw her on the screen for first time as a kid. And I love her lullaby. XD 
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my second favourite tlk song 
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DaBlueArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah me too!! XD
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You Will pay for thisScar
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