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Scar's Reign: Chapter 3: Page 28

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Oh no, Endesha! Be careful!

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No please no
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pinkali-chan16Hobbyist General Artist
But that homie's dead, He just doesn't know it yet :'D
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RebelleValorHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Endesha plz be carful 
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Well, Endesha's dead. R.I.P brave lion...
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I have a REALLY bad feeling about this. This is NOT going to end well. Somehow Zira is going to fall back under Scar's umbrella of manipulation and even more chaos and heartache will ensue. I worry for Zira, her unborn cub, most likely Nuka, and Mheetu.

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Oh yeah. And i bet once Zira's heart is ripped violently apart, she'll focus back on the negatives in her life and her jealousy of Mheetu will push her to 'get rid of him' ... Kovu has to become future king somehow. 
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Well fuck
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CyberWolf09Hobbyist Artist
Endesha is what Nuka could’ve been if Zira hadn’t mistreated him.
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legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist
That's a good point. Pretty tragic that Zira ends up mentally and physically abusing what was basically her 'piece' of Endesha, but it makes sense why she grieves his passing, maybe Endesha will have a similar 'i'm sorry Zira i tried' moment, that would rip Zira's heart to bits, poor gal. 
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CrazyTaizyHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww bye bye Endesha, we always loved you

Also love the front faces on panel 3, they're so nice to look at artistically

(edit, in said panel Zira's missing her nose gradient, not sure if this is big enough to warrant an edit)
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Hunter5782Hobbyist Traditional Artist

NOOO! :'(

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TigersDoRoarHobbyist Digital Artist

I think this is where Zira really differs from her mom. Rather than face a potentially dangerous situation to defend those she loves, she just sits and waits... waiting for history to repeat itself.

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legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist
I mean, she's pregnant, so unless you want a miscarriage or something. XD
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They look so nice together, all know he’s gonna die...
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CozyKomalaHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh gosh, oh no, here we go
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The story repeats itself ( Mohatu's death and "the birth of a monster".)

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famous last words
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No no no no NOOOOOOO! Please don't let them all die D:
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legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist
Damn it. This is JUST like when Naanda left and didn't come back. I think I've fainted. I can't believe Zira ends up hating Simba instead of her scum father in the end... Simba did nothing wrong, Scar's responsible for all this mess. :( (Sad) 
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My guess it's because Scar basically forces himself to be the only thing she has. Her mother is dead, she distanced herself (at Scar's insistence) from others who actually cared for her, and now her mate and new pride is about to be wiped out because of Scar. Scar basically made himself her entire world. It also doesn't help that Zira has had a very bad time growing up literally since birth because of the hostile take over of the Eastlands and what she wants more than anything is a place where she belongs, but because Scar used that to manipulate her she had this idea planted in her head that without Scar she has nothing. It's neat that she did take initiative to leave Scar's toxic influence to live her own life, and maybe in another time she could have put her past behind her and lived the life she's wanted. 
So it makes sense that Scar placing himself as the center of Zira's world would have a terrible effect on her when Scar himself is removed violently from it. The only thing she could do was blame Simba, and in turn become just as toxic of a parent as Scar was. 
Or at least that's what I'm guessing happens to her. Though despite how shitty her life ended up being, that definitely won't excuse her from what she does to her own cubs just the same way Scar's experiences as a cub doesn't justify his actions as king. Like killing an entire innocent pride out of childish spite.  
I don't know if this is what raven is planning on doing, but it seems like it. We'll just have to wait and see.
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