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Scar's Reign: Chapter 3: Page 16

Figured why not, here's a new page ;) 

Akina originally created by: :icondj88:

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How do you get Such smoothie shadi.
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hey, I just remembered something. in Lion King II there was a part where Zira told Simba that her cub, Kovu, was hand chosen by Scar him self to become the next king and follow in his paw prints. So, I really am wondering how this story is going to go considering that Scar now has a cub, Mheetu, that ,in this story, he plans to make king because he is his heir, and on top of that Nuka hasn't even been born yet so it be a while before Scar even decided the Kovu would become king after him.:-? (Confused)  (btw the story is really good so far, I do love it) :) (Smile)  
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I have a theory.

I think Zira will birth Nuka in the Southlands and Endesha will be killed by Mnyama who conquers their kingdom, his lionesses will be the future outsiders and eventually find loyalty to her when Mnyama is finally killed, they'll survive but lose every shed of sanity they have, Nuka will grow up in a negative environment and become clingy, mentally stunted and unstable.

His mother is forced to be Mnyama's concubine and later births Kovu and Vitani, she'll make it back to the Pridelands and finally follow her father every step of the way, no matter what he asks, believes the world truly is just cruel and cold and you have to be selfish to survive as he told her, he forces her to kill Akina, her first kill, it was quite easy for her since she blamed her cub-sitter for her mother's death and convincing her to go with Endesha only to lose everything dear to her.

She goes mad eventually with the pressure and all the times she's lost happiness in life, she and Mheetu have a dangerous sibling rivalry much like Scar and Mufasa did, she's determined to raise Endesha's son to be the future king and always tries to outdo her half brother, she later gets rid of Mheetu and Sarafina so that Nuka can take the throne, though she puts much attention on her eldest she's very pained by the fact that he has to grow up without a parent like she did and sees him as when her life went horribly wrong.

She becomes a mentally and physically abusive mother and is messed up in the head by her trauma from Mnyama and Scar and cannot connect healthily with her children at all, at this point she hates everyone except Scar, just as Scar hated everyone except Viccha, killing her half brother and stepmother wasn't hard at all for her to do since she eventually came to blame Nala's family for messing up her family.

But Scar decides that Mnyama's son would be the heir, his mother is livid and leaves Priderock to try to think about this situation, but when she comes back, Simba returned and usurped her father, she finally breaks down and later, behind Simba's back, kills Sarabi as vengeance, to make Simba feel the pain of having no parents at all, thus, the Prides became divided and separated by termite mounds and crocodile infested rivers.

Simba hated the Outsiders for a long time and saw them as no different to Scar, losing Mufasa and Sarabi messes his head up a bit too, and she spends solitude with Mnyama's lionesses in the Outlands, she grew up in a dark cave, and she lives her exile in a similar dark cave, determined to ruin Simba's family like she believes he and Mnyama did to hers, like how Simba saw her as a traitor like Scar, 
Zira saw him as her mother's killer, she decided to raise Mnyama's son to be king, and rip apart Simba's family like he ripped apart hers. ;) (Wink) 
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Hey, I just wanna say that Sarabi is alive in the second movie ;) 
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That's your opinion, we would have seen her otherwise, besides it's just my headcanon, i'm sure you have different ideas in your head, so. : P 
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actually i just googled it, and its nalas mom lol sarafina, sarabi, they got similar names!
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Oh. You meant Sarafina? in my story, Sarabi AND Sarafina are killed by the Outsiders, that's the crime that gets them booted out of the Pridelands, and why Simba has a lot of issues with them. XD 
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huh, sound like someone's been doing there research. I'm really exited to see wat happens in this story now! 
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Yeah, Raven did warn us in a journal entry, that the comic is about to get 'dark' ... last time she said that, the rogue males killed Dumaka and took over his Pride. ;) (Wink) 
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I don't like where this is going .... *grabs Akina and takes her away*

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I’m curious when/if you decide to do Simba’s reign will you include the Lion Guard exclusive characters such as Kion and *spoiler warning*

Vitani’s Lion Guard?  
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Raven has already confirmed that she won't be including the Lion Guard, including the 'magic roar' stuff, hence Mohatu or others never mentioned anything about the 'Lion Guard' when Scar and Mufasa was born, so yeah, definitely not gonna work, and it's better that way I think. Lion Guard is like Avengers meets Pokemon meets My Little Pony, it's still a cute series but, nothing like Lion King, less struggle, cheapened once terrifying villains. :) (Smile) 
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Yeah I’m not the biggest fan of the Lion Guard, I was just curious. I remember her mentioning potentially adding in Kion which is why I was asking (it was either on one of her review of the picture she drew of the guard).
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Oh that, that was just for fun I think? and hey, I did watch some of the episodes of early seasons of Lion Guard, it was cute, and did 'some' fan service here and there, i enjoyed it like I enjoyed My Little Pony, yknow? just because it's not canon, doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed. :D (Big Grin) 
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Ske tbh, I feel like by making it “cannon” they just opened up a lot of weird inconsistencies and plot holes and I personally can’t stand how the cubs are almost as large as the adult lions.
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 What I especially can't stand is that the kids can easily defeat adult enemies/predators when in the Lion King they clearly can't, and they certainly can't do martial arts, showing how unrealistic the show is, makes no sense to make it canon.  Also Kion is a little "Mature" and things almost always go in his favor for a kid.
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I also dislike how the roar is the least intimidating yet most over powered ability and 90% of the time is an instant win yet it’s also supper inconsistent.
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Ikr, I mean, who wants to watch a fight scene which lasts for less than 15 seconds because the hero is OP and the bad guy is pathetically weak?  Remember when Kion and his friends easily took out Scar's crocodiles?  That was pathetic to look at, than compare it to TLK 2 where Kiara and Kovu are defenseless and in mortal danger when crocodiles attack.  Remember when Simba and Nala could do nothing but run for their lives when the hyenas planned to eat them?  How can a bunch of kids easily take hyenas down in TLG..... The roar is overused and quite honestly stupid.  Unfortunately the episode with Vitani confirmed the Lion Guard is canon which makes no sense.  
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Did you mean to say same? and yeah, definitely lot of plot holes, and Lion King had a better art style. :) (Smile) 
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Oops yeah, I was half dead when I typed that out. Caught the other errors but not that one. I wouldn’t have even cared that they changed the art style if it had been visually appealing to me. They also win fights way to fast which is likely a product of it being aimed at children, but still.
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Yeah, and I really didn't like how they showed the Outsiders, they were deliberately cheapened and softened for the preschool atmosphere I could tell, and Kion's roar made battles practically pointless, in the films a struggle between lions actually required strength and agility, and I prefered Suzanne Pleshette as zira. The new actress sounded like Nala trying to sound evil. They could have used behind the scenes audio from SP. Oh well. xD

But I do like how we got to see cubs other than Kiara, Tiifu and Zuri would make interesting Scar x Sarafina cubs, and Kion takes some of uncle Scar's likeness in his mane, he's gonna look cool when he's grown. Maybe have some melancholy too. :D (Big Grin) 
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i went to click the Next Page only to find nothing! oh well then, till next time.
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Ikr! It’s been almost two weeks! Gaaah!! Can’t wait for next page! 😓😓😓
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