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Scar's Reign: Chapter 1: Page 11

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Oh my god, another page!!! I'm playing with lighting a bit, so this isn't quite as dark as my normal night scenes, at least not in regards to the character's colors, but I'm experimenting so put up with me please :D 

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but Zira is to old to be his kid

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XSamuraiEdgeXHobbyist Digital Artist
goodness, there's just no reasoning with him! guy has shit for brains.
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legendaryicebreakerHobbyist Artist
Uru's trying to talk sense into her son. He's already covered up a murder and actually committed murder. Too late for him. 
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AmeliaStars2308Student Filmographer
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Taka means Dirt Trash and to want. How in the hell will name there there son that means Dirt and Trash?
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Tenebra-FengariHobbyist Writer
Late comment is late XD

But "Taka" also means "to want" in Swahili, so I'm pretty sure that was what Ahadi and Uru had in mind when naming him ;)
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SeverusianaHobbyist Artist
Wow ,then yes she is his mother! 
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Scar has something of a point but its just an excuse to abuse his power. Even if Sarabi or Uru or even Zira had come and grovelled for him to relent or offer a solution he'd at best do nothing. There is no winning move with him as King.
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Sarahbuzzabee13Hobbyist Artist
When is the next page coming out? This is awsome. Great job so far:happybounce: :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) 
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Why isn't Mufasa's Reign nor Scar's Reign each in a Folder.                    Make's it hard for new reader's, like myself, to find page's.        

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Ohhhhhhhhh.     I was looking for individual folder's on his main gallery page.  


I didn't think folder's within folder's was possible.   Oo.  

Thank you.   ^^  
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someone needs a smack
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Has he forgotten that half of the pride suffered with hunger for months, and many even died from starvation already?
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Sad thing is I think he truly believes what he is doing is a fair perspective. But since he never cared or at least understood the balance in the Pride Lands, he is blind to what his actions are doing. His jealousy, twisted upbringing, the hatred harbored for his own family to a degree, all of that mashed up leads to one unbalanced leader. I know this story isn't canon, but I consider it to be. And this story is what I think is the best rendition of an origin for how Scar became who he is.

I'm very interested when we get to Zira's and her cubs, because that is the only mystery I haven't seen a concrete basis for. I'm sure somewhere along this story, it will be answered. Who Nuka and Vitani's father is, and the convoluted Kovu family tree around him, and why Scar chose him yet was adopted. Ho-boy if you know what you're doing on that end, serious kudos, because I doubt I could think of a good idea, and execute well enough.

This story is fantastic, so happy it is still alive to this day.
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ZhaoYun5Hobbyist Digital Artist
i wonder if scar actually tried to bring equality...though in an dark and violent way
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MaltashaastakaStudent Digital Artist
Uru looks SO PERFECT in this page! It looks like she's still young! <3
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Ana-WolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
You know, Scar, you would have a point if the hyenas had at least tried to obey the rules and if you haven't, oh, I don't know, been a complete jerk all this time and killed Moyo, Mufasa and Simba (well, he thinks he did), so this argument, while apparently realistic and true, in the end doesn't hold water. So don't even.

I feel so sorry for Uru, seeing how she has to endure this. I'm not surprised by Scar's comment of Mufasa. I've always thought that he wasn't just satisfied with taking the throne, but wanted to be seen as better than Mufasa (not to prove his worth or anything, but because of his ego and wish to be adored).
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Oh gods, finally! I've missed this so much <3
I loved the background in this page. It looks really really amazing. Also, Uru's very beautiful. I feel so sorry for her — I mean, she recently lost her mate, one of her sons and her only grandson. Now she has to put up with this sort of things. Scar's being an absolute dick (I miss good old days when he was a nice little cub). It must be incredibly hard for her to deal with it. She's such a strong character! I love her <3
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Uru looks beautiful here!
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My gosh, the art of this page is simply STUNNING! The colours and lightning, and the characters are just beautiful and perfect <3

My gosh, even after he's long dead, Scar is still obsessed with being constantly compared with Mufasa, or at least using it as an excuse. I love Uru, she's easily one of the strongest characters of the entire comic series, she is the only one still standing up to this tyrant, her own son, even if it breaks her. And yes, she's right, things are out of hand: the hyenas hunt whatever and whenever they want not giving a damn about the rules, they even threat the lionesses and the cubs, and Scar doesn't give a damn about it. And he considers himself King? For being a lazy butt, he could have stayed the same way as he was before.

"Keep Zira and my parenting out of this! The squabbling of cubs matter very little to me". That is exactly the point, dear Scar: you don't want anyone to contradict your "parent skills" if that's how you wanna call them, but then you admit you don't give a damn about your daughter, as always. You are contradicting yourself.

However, as much as I hate Scar, he has a point in the last panel: the lions have known for 2 generations that the hyenas have been starving to death in the elephant graveyard and never gave a damn about it, and the worst of all is that most of the ones who are suffering or causing pain are just victims themselves who have been manipulated or that were caught in the middle of a bad decision: I understand Mohatu had to put Viicha in place and kick her out after trying to kidnapp Uru and kill Ahadi, but the wrong thing he did was to punish and exile the whole clan for the actions of a few hyenas. If he had explained it all to the clan, the truth would have been revealed, but instead, Viicha took advantage of their lack of knowledge of the true events that took place to their vanishment, manipulating the next generation and forcing them to live in the graveyard: for Shenzi, Banzai and Edd, they are just "taking revenge" on the lions for kicking them out without a reason and forcing them to starve, and Scar in his own mind is being fair because he doesn't know the full story either. Which is another mistake Uru and the adults accidentally caused, never explaining things to their kids. If they had told Scar from the beggining WHY the hyenas were dangerous (hunt and kill for pleasure, disobeying the rules, trying to kidnapp and kill his mother) everything would have been understandable, but no, instead, "hyenas are just evil and dangerous because we say so".

It's just a whole bunch of missunderstandings and manipulations that have caused all this horrible mess and that ended up creating a monster.
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While he has a point if the hyenas followed the rules they wouldnt be starving its not like the hunting rules will make them worse off its just they dont care about the rules and Scar isnt doing whats needed to be done.
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